Cross-media quality marketing at G+J

Cross-media quality marketing at G+J

G+J e|MS is responsible for marketing – i.e. the sale of advertising space in print, online and mobile media. The advertising media portfolio of G+J e|MS covers more than 90 magazines, more than 30 websites and more than three dozen mobile services. With its broad range of marketing services, its premium portfolio and market-oriented structure, G+J e|MS is the most relevant quality marketer on both a national and international scale. Innovation, creativity, cross-mediality and speed are paramount in serving customers and clients, irrespective of whether they are looking for digital-only, print-only or cross-media services.

As a full-service marketer, G+J Electronic Media Sales (G+J e|MS) supports advertising partners with the design and implementation of tailor-made and target group-specific communication solutions. The G+J sales unit's services include the design of customised advertising, ongoing development of new special advertising formats and the realisation of integrated campaigns. Market-oriented services in the fields of commercial solutions, digital solutions, brand solutions, market research and marketing complete its extensive marketing expertise. The G+J sales department is also involved in advertising impact research.

In addition to marketing the G+J portfolio with its quality-oriented magazines, G+J e|MS also covers the digital marketing of premium online and mobile services by G+J e|MS and Ligatus. Due to this unique diversification, all relevant sectors of the digital turnover sequence in online and mobile media are covered: branding, performance and affiliate.

The international media sales division G+J i|MS is responsible within G+J e|MS for marketing media brands outside their respective home market. Alongside the international marketing of German media, this also includes the marketing of non-German media abroad and the marketing of international media to German advertising customers.

G+J sales division also provides services for other publishing companies and clients.

Under the umbrella of the Ad Alliance - founded in 2016 - the marketers G+J e|MS, IP Deutschland, Smartclip and Spiegel Media match the increasing demand for cross-marketing deals in the market.

All details concerning the services, the portfolio marketed and the contact persons for the various marketing units can be found at: