The executive committee

The G+J Executive Board appoints an Executive Committee, which consists of three other Top Managers in addition to the Members of the Board. The Executive Committee controls and manages the entrepreneurial activities and the transformation of G+J.

Rolf Heinz

Rolf Heinz

CEO Prisma Media / President G+J International Europe

Rolf Heinz, born in 1966, is a political scientist and business economist. He joined G+J in 2000 after having held several managing positions at Bauer and Jahreszeiten Verlag as well as Bertelsmann Arvato. He began his career at Gruner + Jahr as Country Manager with G+J International Magazines in Paris. In 2002 he took on the overall management of the G+J Staff Department and in 2004 moved to Hamburg to become Managing Director International. One year later, he became Managing Director of the Italian joint venture G+J/Mondadori. In 2009, he became CEO of Prisma Media in France, and has been responsible for G+J’s largest foreign subsidiary since then. In 2013, Heinz additionally became General Manager of G+J International Europe.

Dr Udo Stalleicken

Dr. Udo Stalleicken

Chief Financial Officer

Udo Stalleicken, born in 1967, gained a PhD in industrial engineering before he began his career at G+J in 1999 in the Corporate Development and Controlling division. From 2001 to 2003 he managed the G+J Supervisory Board office and was Deputy Head of the Supervisory Board office at Bertelsmann AG. From 2004 onwards, he was Vice President of the G+J International Magazine Division, where he had responsibility for controlling the markets in France and the US. In 2005, he was appointed a member of the USA G+J Executive Committee in New York, where he was in charge of Controlling & Business Development. On his return to Hamburg in 2006, he took over the reins at the G+J Finance division and was appointed G+J Chief Financial Officer in April 2013.

Udo Stalleicken is married and has two children.

Stan Sugarman

Stan Sugarman

Chief Digital Officer / Chief Sales Officer

Stan Sugarman, born in 1968, began his career after studying history and business administration at Berkeley for Oracle in the U.S. He gained an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management before switching to Bertelsmann in 1995 and becoming Managing Director of Lycos Bertelsmann Germany.

Sugarman joined Gruner + Jahr in 1997 with responsibility as Deputy Director for developing G+J Electronic Media Sales.

Two years later, he was appointed to the board of management of AOL Europe with responsibility for the Marketing & Business Affairs divisions. He returned to Gruner + Jahr at the end of 2000, taking over as Managing Director of G+J Media Sales/G+J Electronic Media Sales.

In 2012 Sugarman was named Chief Digital Officer of G+J Deutschland.

Stan Sugarman is married and has two children.