G+J Brand Business

Dr. Frank Stahmer
Head of Brand Business
Telephone: +49 40 3703-3716

Kerstin Füllgraf
Deputy Head of Brand Business
Telephone: +49 40 3703-2694


Brand Business

G+J Brand Business is your contact for international licensing- and merchandise business.

Be it SCHÖNER WOHNEN, STERN, BRIGITTE, GEO or BEEF – G+J offers you large and successful brands with attractive target groups and strong coverage. Together with you, i.e. selected partners from various segments, we develop cooperations and license products. These are tailored individually to your requirements and wishes, market conditions, media brand and target group and are thereby geared towards a long term, joint success.

Thus high quality furniture lines and wall paints (SCHÖNER WOHNEN), craft beer, dry agers and food processors (BEEF), books and calendars (GEO), bags and dresses (BRIGITTE), games and toys (GEOlino, ELTERN), in-house travel offers (among others STERN, BRIGITTE, GALA, GEO) and many other products are developed.

The success is based on the combination of our strengths: As license partner you are the expert in your field - our brands help to form the products contentwise, promote image and coverage:

You profit specifically regarding the G+J license products from:

- Strong brands: Our brands are market leaders in their segment. You immediately create added value for your products.
- Attractive target groups: The readers of our titles are above averagely educated and have a high income.
- Media power: We bring the media reaches of our international media company on all channels.
- Sustainability: We rely on sustainable, cooperative success.

This is how we make products from stories and stories from products - and create individual, high quality and sustainable cooperations between brand manufacturers and media brands. Have we aroused your curiosity? We look forward to hearing from you.