The DPV (Deutscher Pressevertrieb), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gruner + Jahr publishing house, is a full-range sales service provider for the worldwide distribution of media brands.

Deutscher Pressevertrieb (DPV)

Established in 2006 following the restructuring of all the sales activities of Gruner + Jahr and its subsidiaries, DPV provides a complete range of sales services for Gruner + Jahr's media brands under a single roof and as a one-stop shop: from retail sales at home and abroad, via direct marketing and subscription services, right through to the digital marketing of newspapers and digital media.

For its publishing customers (it has over 300 publishing houses in Germany and abroad as clients, in addition to Gruner + Jahr), DPV realises a gross market turnover at copy prices of more than €1.3 billion and manages more than 6.5 million subscription orders at 5 locations in Germany. In a hotly contested sales market, DPV uses the entire experience, motivation and innovativeness of its staff and a strong technical infrastructure to advance the interests of the media served by the company.