Press database

The G+J press data base provides access to digital full texts from numerous print publications, including all G+J titles. It comprises around 12 million newspaper and magazine articles from around 250 sources and more than five decades.

G+J press database

The G+J press database provides access to all magazines from Gruner + Jahr together with numerous titles from other German and international publishers - on a daily basis. This information can be accessed any time on the Internet. For targeted research, the majority of the texts are keyword indexed by topic, place and person.This makes the G+J press database one of the most powerful digital press archives in Europe.

How can you access information on the G+J press database?

You can submit a search request, and the press archive staff will retrieve all the important articles on the topic from the press database. Alternatively, you can access the database online via and browse the archive yourself. An intuitive user interface helps both database pros and novices to carry out a quick and targeted search.

You can register online immediately. To see the terms of use and the current price list, go to If you have further questions about what we offer or are interested in a contract covering a number of employees in your company, email us at or call +49 40 3703 3055 during business hours.