Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions

► Is the job offer still vacant?

Yes, of course! All the job offers you can find on our website are still vacant and are waiting for your application.

► Is it okay for me to apply, if I don’t fulfill all of the requirements mentioned in the job offer?

Generally, that is okay. Although, the more requirements you meet, the better. But we are happy for you to try anyways!

► Can I also apply by mail or e-mail?

We want to make sure your application is safe and gets the attention it deserves. Therefore, we can only accept online applications through our online application form. Just click on the “apply now” button when viewing the job offer you are interested in. Here you can find all vacant job offers.

► Can I hand in an unsolicited application?

Unfortunately, that is not possible at the moment. You can find all our vacant job offers here, we are looking forward to your online application! If there isn’t any job that picks your fancy right now, it’s absolutely worth it to check back in regularly. There’s new job offers coming online on a daily basis.

► Can I apply for multiple job offers at the same time?

Yes, we would love you to! Amazing, that you are interested in multiple positions. In that case, please simply apply through the online application form for each job offer respectively. Here you can find all our vacant job offers.

► Do I get a confirmation after I applied?

Absolutely! For every online application we send out an e-mail as a confirmation. Why don’t you go have a look at our vacant job offers and find one that you love?


In case you already applied and haven't received a confirmation yet, please contact us via e-mail right here.

► I have been waiting for a response concerning my application for quite some time now. How come?

Right after your online application you should receive a confirmation e-mail from us. After that, we always try to send you a proper answer as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, in some rare cases this can take longer than we’d like. But that doesn’t mean that we forgot about you! Generally, we only require a little more time to give every application the attention it deserves. You will most definitely receive a feedback from us via e-mail as soon as a choice has been made.

► The internship I am interested in starts at a time that I am not available at. Can I also apply for a different time period than the one mentioned in the job offer?

That depends on the internship and the department. Most of our internships last three to six months and oftentimes are posted again afterwards. So in case you are looking for an internship for next year, you should just have a look at our websites a few months before you would like to start. One way or another, it’s worth it keeping an eye on all our vacant internships on our website. There’s new job offers coming online on a daily basis. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Everything there is to know about your internship at G+J can be found here.

► What should I do if none of the above answered my question?

You are very welcome to contact us via e-mail (karriere@guj.de) or via WhatsApp (+49 171 1914061)! However, please only write or text us and refrain from calling us. That way, our HR department can answer as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Please only apply online so we can make sure your application is safe and gets the attention it deserves.