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Your journalistic training in our publishing house

If you are a talented writer, if you are communicative, curious, critical, persistent, resilient and creative and if it is your greatest wish to become a journalist – we’re looking for you!

Facts about your training at the Henri-Nannen-Schule:

► G+J is dedicated to further quality journalism and therefore offers a profound journalistic training for young and creative people at the Henri-Nannen-Schule

► The Henri-Nannen-Schule is the journalism school of G+J and the ZEIT; DER SPIEGEL is a regular sponsor

► The two-year course at the Henri-Nannen-Schule enjoys the reputation of being the best journalistic training in Germany

► The training includes 32 weeks at the school as well as 62 weeks in various editorial departments and is free of charge

► Participants initially receive a monthly grant of 645€; after seven months this is raised to 1.500€ per month

► You can find detailed information about the training, the selection procedure and the current dates here

Facts about your practical training with the brands of Gruner + Jahr:

► Curious, digital and truth-loving? Then start your training at one of G+J’s major brands (Stern, Brigitte, GEO, Gala, P.M., Flow, Territory etc.) and benefit from our cooperation with the Henri-Nannen-Schule

► Our new training takes 24 months – you will spend most of that time in one of our editorial departments and several weeks in the Henri-Nannen-Schule in Hamburg

► - At the Henri-Nannen-Schule, well-known and competent lecturers teach the craft of journalism in all genres (text, audio, video, research, social media and much more), in all formats (reports, mobile reporting, commentary, newsletter etc.), with every relevant tool (research, technologies) and all additional competencies a journalist today should know and be capable of (e.g. product development, managing editorial projects)

► Inhouse, we complement the basic training with challenging tasks, a lot of support and further practical training so you can reach your personal goals

► Apply now and discover journalism anew

Facts about your practical training with the DDV Mediengruppe in Dresden:

► The practical training takes 24 months

► You gain insights into the departments in Dresden and into several different local editorial offices, you will be helping with all the editorial tasks and will learn everything about journalistic work in local reporting

► You will be able to take part in a four-week compact course on journalism at the Henri-Nannen-Schule in Hamburg

More information on this editorial based training can be found here

Contact Henri-Nannen-Schule

e-mail: info@henri-nannen-schule.de

tel.: +49 40 3703 2376

address: Gruner + Jahr & DIE ZEIT GmbH / Stubbenhuk 10 / 20459 Hamburg

Contact DDV Mediengruppe

Anja Formann

e-mail: formann.anja@ddv-mediengruppe.de

tel.: +49 351 4864 22441

address: Dresdner Verlagshaus kaufmännische Dienste GmbH /

Ostra-Allee 20 / 01067 Dresden