New Work at Gruner + Jahr

G+J is always evolving: We take shaping our future into our own hands by changing the way we work together – from within. This is crucial to us as our employees are the heart of our company and the roots of our culture. New Work is not a buzzword for us, quite the opposite: We have learnt a lot from each other and managed to improve our business through shared initiatives and projects - and we are not done yet.  


New Work at G+J means: We want to be the most innovative, most creative and most sustainable publisher. In order to reach that goal, we form alliances, develop new magazines, products and business models – and all of that in a brave, fast and interdisciplinary way. We love to experiment and to explore new possibilities and opportunities instead of following a fixed path. 


New Work at G+J in its core means: shaping our future together.


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K16 Stories: Nele Schön // Story of Change, Gruner + Jahr in der Transformation


"We have set a lot of things in motion - but that doesn't mean that everyone is exclusively working with agile methods now. Instead, we are deciding togehter which technology, which work environments and which methods are actually useful to us in order to improve how we work together, to develop new ideas and, also, to be economically successful in the end."

"There is no "master plan" so we aim to be open and flexible so we can react to the unexpected.  

Our employees can actively engage in this process. They can try out brave new ideas and make mistakes.   

    Ultimately, we can learn from these mistakes and our focus is set on the creative interaction and exchange."  

- Nele Schön, Teamlead Personnel and Organizational Development, at the New Work Day of the NDR

(this is a translation of the German original quote)

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