Next-level thinking – your way.

Gruner + Jahr is a modern employer that offers diverse and unique professional development opportunities, collaborating with its own staff to devise new ways of working and take these ideas to the next level. What’s more, our colleagues are the best – by far. They are shaping our corporate culture and approach to work at G+J. 

These employees embody the #nextlevelthinking feeling by creating their own jobs, moving their careers at Gruner in new directions, experimenting with new ways of working, and developing successful and innovative business ideas. They represent all the people who achieve extraordinary things every day at G+J. 

Next-level thinkers: giving agile working methods a fresh coat of paint.  


Anke’s career to date can be summed up in one word: creative. Now an agile coach, she has previously worked as a student trainee at STERN, an art teacher in Zimbabwe, and a secretary at G+J. “Life is art,” she says, and for as long as we’ve known Anke, she’s proven this to be more than just an Instagram slogan. “Creativity means leaving your comfort zone, daring to try new things, experimenting and thinking outside the box,” she says. And if this seems contradictory, so what? Who says you can’t be both a businesswoman and an artist? Anke is a next-level thinker – and she’s helping us picture the future. 

Anke, licensing coordinator and agile coach


Next-level thinkers: inventing their own jobs. 


Go big, move fast, be direct, have fun: this could be the headline for a cover story about Jonas and Carlo. The founders of the AppLike start-up embody their own company’s motto. In 2014, Jonas and Carlo had the idea for the technology platform AppLike. What began with the two of them in the G+J basement now employs more than 100 people in Hamburg’s Schanze district. Their company, their jobs – their way. Jonas and Carlo are next-level thinkers – and we like AppLike! 

Jonas & Carlo, CEOs of the AppLike Group 


Next-level thinkers: networking with us instead of with popstars. 


He once wrote songs for artists such as Oli P. and produced them in his own recording studio. Today, Boris rocks the digibar, the walk-in service at G+T’s IT division. The former music producer reinvented himself as an IT systems specialist, acquiring his technological expertise without completing any traditional IT training. He is quite the celebrity at G+J, and his speedy assistance with questions about the network, notebooks and smartphones is one of his greatest hits, available either live in the office or via video for those who work from home. He meets and greets his fans every day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Boris is a next-level thinker – and we’re standing in line to see him. 

Boris, IT systemsspecialist 


Next-level thinkers: listening to both themselves and others.   


As well as being a married mother of three, Julia is the daughter of divorced parents and therefore part of a large patchwork family herself. Always looking for answers to the big questions about family life, the online editor and columnist created ELTERNgespräch (PARENTtalk), a podcast featuring honest, open and uncensored discussions. Julia talks to experts, mothers and fathers who share their real experiences of family life. The podcast is more relevant than ever during the coronavirus crisis, with parents facing unprecedented challenges such as homeschooling, closed day-care centres and playgrounds, and grandparents in the at-risk category. We need to talk, Julia believes, and the huge response to her podcast has proven her right. Julia is a next-level thinker – and we’re all ears. 

Julia, presenter and creator of the ELTERNgespräch podcast 


Next-level thinkers: bringing their A game to “No Planet B”. 


She’s run several marathons, has been playing the clarinet for 25 years and is currently creating a climate-neutral publishing house. Ulrike loves a challenge. She started out as a corporate communications consultant and then worked as an assistant to the executive board before creating her next job in 2019. As the G+J sustainability manager, Ulrike sets high standards for climate and environmental protection, urging us to work sustainably. 5,000 plastic bags per week? What a waste – let’s do away with them! Fridays for Future? Let’s organise a climate month. Ulrike is a next-level thinker – and we’re following her lead. 

Ulrike, sustainability manager 


Next-level thinkers: turning Sunday’s adventure into Monday’s project.    


Monday morning at the weekly WALDEN editorial meeting. Harald says to Markus, “So, did you catch anything at the weekend?” Markus replies, “No, but I discovered an amazing bit of the River Warnow. We’ll have to go camping there.” And with that, the next issue’s theme is decided. That’s how it works when you turn your hobby into your job. From camper van expeditions and whittling to building log cabins and hiking, the outdoor fans Harald and Markus bring a sense of adventure to our publishing house. Markus and Harald are next-level thinkers – and their stories thrill us. And now we’re even allowed to go back outside! 

Markus and Harald, founders of the outdoor magazine WALDEN 


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