Executive Board

Gruner + Jahr is headed by the Executive Board with three members: Julia Jäkel (Chief Executive Officer), Stephan Schäfer (Chief Product Officer) and Oliver Radtke (Chief Operating Officer).

Julia Jäkel has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Board. The Chief Executive Officer oversees the entire organisation in terms of strategy, business and content, and represents Gruner + Jahr in external activities. Julia Jäkel is responsible for the divisions Digital, Marketing, Corporate Development, G+J International Europe, Human Resources, Communication, G+J’s minority share in Spiegel Verlag Hamburg and the Henri Nannen School.

Oliver Radtke, Chief Operating Officer, manages the transformation process and is in charge of efficiency and costs on the Board. He is responsible for the divisions Finances and Controlling, Sales, Legal Matters and M&A, Management of the G+J’s majority share in DDV Mediengruppe, as well as the areas of Corporate IT and Internal Services.

Stephan Schäfer, Chief Product Officer, is responsible for the entire portfolio of publications and products, its further development and productions as well as its sales, with particular focus on the German portfolio of products plus international segments.

Julia Jäkel

Chief Executive Officer Gruner + Jahr

Julia Jäkel, born in 1971, studied history, politics and economics at Heidelberg and Harvard and graduated with an M.Phil. from Cambridge University. Her career began when she joined the Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program in 1997; this led to her joining Gruner + Jahr a year later. At the end of the 1990s she was part of the team that founded the "Financial Times Deutschland". In 2004 she was appointed Head of Publishing at BRIGITTE, and by 2008 was running more than 20 magazines and digital publications. She has been CEO since 2013, and together with her team she has set her sights on turning Gruner + Jahr into one of the most creative and modern publishing houses in an ever-changing media landscape.

Julia Jäkel was voted media manager of the year 2016 (“Kress”) and media woman of the year 2017 (“Horizont”). Additionally, she received the award for the media personality of the year in 2018 (“W&V”).

Julia Jäkel is a member of the Bertelsmann Group Management Committee and the chairwoman of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance. This foundation manages the collaboration of all German content businesses relating to the corporation, such as Tv and its productions, radio and music, as well as magazines.

Oliver Radtke

Chief Operating Officer Gruner + Jahr

Oliver Radtke, born in 1968, gained a degree in industrial engineering and graduated from INSEAD in Fontainebleau with an MBA. He began his career at Gruner + Jahr in the Controlling division in 1995. From 1999 to 2001, he was CEO of a medical technology start-up enterprise, before returning to G+J in 2001. He held several executive positions at head office, including responsibility for the centralized paper purchasing and IT divisions, as well as Internal Services. In 2007, he was appointed Managing Director of G+J Operations, and in 2010 he became Chairman of the Board at the G+J holding company dd+v media group in Dresden, and successfully steered its strategic reorientation. Today, Oliver Radtke is Chief Operating Officer and manages the transformation process of G+J, among other tasks.

Stephan Schäfer

Chief Product Officer Gruner + Jahr 

Stephan Schäfer, born in 1974, is a graduate of the Axel Springer School of Journalism. In 2009 he joined Gruner + Jahr as Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director of among others SCHÖNER WOHNEN, ESSEN & TRINKEN and BRIGITTE. In 2013 Stephan Schäfer took over the position of Chief Product Officer within the management of Gruner + Jahr.

Since February 2019, he has also been Managing Director Content & Brands at the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland (Media Group RTL Germany). In this function, he is responsible for the channel portfolio, marketing, production management as well as the program purchasing at the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. Schäfer is a member of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance Board.