1948   1948
On 1 August 1948, the Henri Nannen GmbH publishing house released the first edition of STERN.
1962   1962

The business magazine CAPITAL was founded, targeting the top managers of German companies.

1966   1966
The magazine ELTERN is born. After lenghty negotiations, the magazine becomes finally a part of Gruner + Jahr family in 1969.
Richard Gruner sold his shares in the printing and publishing house, and the ownership structure of the company was reorganised: Jahr and Bucerius each held 37.5%. Reinhard Mohn (Bertelsmann) took a 25% stake.
On 6 June 1971, STERN came out with what was a spectacular headline for the time: "We've had abortions!" (STERN, 17/1971), followed by a report in which 374 women admitted to having had illegal abortions. It is to STERN's credit that, in collaboration with Alice Schwarzer, the best-known representative of the German women's movement, a discussion was launched that ended with the timely legalisation of abortion.
G+J acquired 15% of Vereinigte Motor-Verlage GmbH & Co. KG (who publish AUTO MOTOR SPORT). Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co. became Druck- und Verlagshaus Gruner + Jahr AG & Co.
Bertelsmann AG took over further shares, increasing its overall stake in Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG to 74.9%.
Henri Nannen donates the Egon Erwin Kisch Award, which honors the best stories of the year in print media. The award promotes the journalistic quality of reportages in Germany.
1979   1979
The first French edition of GEO was published.

The magazines ART and HÄUSER were launched in Germany.

In the USA, Gruner + Jahr purchased the gravure and offset printer Brown Printing Company in Waseca, Minnesota, USA.
Following the successful launch of GEO in France, G+J introduced the monthly science magazine ÇA M'INTÉRESSE onto the market. In Spain, its sister title MUY INTERESANTE was also launched in the popular science segment.
What appeared to be the biggest scoop in magazine history came in April 1983 when STERN carried the cover title "Hitler's diaries discovered". However, it was noticed too late that the dusty notebooks were not Hitler's records but rather fakes. Even at such a difficult time, the editorial team adhered to the principle of journalistic honesty. On 26 May 1983, STERN revealed all the details of its research in a headline story.
G+J acquired a 24.9% stake in the manager magazin Verlagsgesellschaft publishing company (who publish MANAGER MAGAZIN).

In Germany, GEO launched its first line extension, GEO WISSEN, while in Spain, the third national edition of GEO came out.

In France, the weekly people magazine VOICI was launched.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gruner + Jahr became involved in the establishment of a free press in former East Germany, launching the DRESDNER and CHEMNITZER MORGENPOST newspapers.

In Italy, the printing and publishing house entered into a joint venture with Milan publishers Mondadori.

G+J/Mondadori published the popular science magazine FOCUS, which went on to become the most-sold monthly magazine in Italy.

People magazine GALA was also introduced in Germany.


The parenting magazine ELTERN FOR FAMILY was launched in Germany. GEO gave birth to the children's magazine GEOlino.

In Poland, the science magazine FOCUS was launched, and in France Prisma Presse took over the magazine VSD.

1998 1998

With its stake in the Vienna-based NEWS Group, G+J gained a foothold in the Austrian market. In the autumn, a third title was added to its portfolio: FORMAT.

China saw its first Gruner + Jahr magazine, CAR & MOTOR, published on the basis of a joint venture.

2000   2000

The most ambitious newspaper project of recent years saw the joint launch by G+J and the London-based Pearson Group of FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND.

The lifestyle magazine LIVING AT HOME was launched both in print and online.

With the launch of the parenting magazine FUMU PARENTS, Gruner + Jahr took another step towards opening up the Chinese magazine.
For the first time GEOlino in cooperation with Universität Hamburg and Körber-Stiftung organizes the "Kinder-Uni". In the successful lecture series Professors explain science topics to their young audience in a child-friendly way.
2005   2005
G+J Germany launched the "Henri Nannen Award" for major journalistic achievements.

In Germany, Gruner + Jahr launched DOGS, inspired by the winning entry in an internal competition for ideas. By acquiring a stake in Boda with its titles FUSHI MEIRONG, YI REN, XIANGFENG and JIA JU, G+J achieved market leadership in the women's segment in China. Gruner + Jahr's sales activities were concentrated within DPV Deutscher Pressevertrieb, which was broken off as an independent company.

2008 2008

By acquiring the performance marketers Ligatus, G+J Media Sales tapped into another line of business in Germany.G+J's first international online project, the "Parenting Network", went live in seven countries.

A central business editorial office in Hamburg was put in charge of the four business publications CAPITAL, IMPULSE, BÖRSE ONLINE and FTD.

2009   2009

G+J launched five new titles on the German market: NIDO, GEO Mini, BEEF!, GALA MEN and BUSINESS PUNK.G+J’s corporate publishing unit expanded its portfolio of services and was renamed G+J Corporate Editors.

Reinhard Mohn died on 3 October at the age of 88.

2010   2010

Gruner + Jahr took over the football magazine 11FREUNDE. Its digital expansion forged ahead with the launch of the STERN eMag and further iPad apps for GALA, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, GEO and GEO International, as well as for NEWS, GEO in France and MUY INTERESANTE in Spain.

On 13 January, Richard Gruner died at the age of 84. Together with John Jahr Senior and Gerd Bucerius, he co-founded G+J.


Gruner + Jahr continues investing in the digital transformation, founding Digital GmbH, a company responsible for all digital activities in Germany. | In December, G+J discontinued the FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND after 12 years due to a lack of financial prospects. The finance magazines IMPULSE and BÖRSE ONLINE will be sold off. | On 31 May, the co-founder and long-term publisher of the Motor Presse Stuttgart, Paul Pietsch, died at the age of 100.


In September 2013, Gruner + Jahr launched a phase of profound strategic reorientation and transformed itself from a classic magazine publisher to a creative content company. Look at the centre of this change and you’ll discover investments in existing and new magazines, sustainable and comprehensive digitization of all content from G+J, as well as the further development of additional business within the context of defined communities of interest.

2014   2014
In 2014, Gruner + Jahr continues to consistently implement the transformation process started in 2013. To this end, G+J is investing in its core business, revising the entire brand portfolio throughout the course of the year, expanding the portfolio with the new titles SALON and MANUAL, and launching several special issues and line extensions.
Due to Bertelsmann acquiring the remaining 21.5 percent of the shares of minority shareholder Jahr-Holding in November 2014, Gruner + Jahr has become a 100% subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA. By the end of December, Gruner + Jahr changed its legal form into GmbH & Co KG and has hence become a company with limited liability and commercial partnership.
G+J continues to invest in its digital business sector and expands its portfolio with acquisitions such as DANATO, DELINERO, and EMPLOYOUR in cooperation with Medienfabrik Gütersloh. 1 September 2015 marks the launch of the G+J fund comprising 50 million Euros to support digital enterprises in the early stage market. In June 2015, G+J becomes the exclusive partner of Blendle in Germany.

2016   2016
G+J is continuing its strategic transformation in 2016 and has introduced further magazine innovations on the market with five new titles (NO SPORTS, GEOLINO ZEITREISE, GEOLINO LECKERBISSEN, ESSEN & TRINKEN mit THERMOMIX® and WOLF).
2016   2016
With TERRITORY G+J has founded the leading provider for content communication in Europe. The Deutsche Pressevertrieb has taken over the Axel Springer Vertriebsservice GmbH. Jointly with the RTL-subsidiary IP Deutschland, G+J eMS has formed the Ad Alliance for interdisciplinary marketing concepts. The Deutsche Medien-Manufaktur, a founding of G+J and the Deutsche Landwirtschaftsverlag has successfully taken up its business.
1954   1954
The first edition of BRIGITTE hit the stands. While at the time this women's magazine focused mainly on housewives and their everyday lives, BRIGITTE encouraged young women in the Federal Republic to adopt a self-confident and light-hearted approach to life.

Magazine publishers John Jahr and Dr Gerd Bucerius merged with printer Richard Gruner to become Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co. Gruner held 39.5%, Jahr 32.25% and Bucerius 28.25% of the shares.

1967   1967

Fashion photographer Charlotte March and F.C. Gundlach revolutionised fashion photography, creating the natural "BRIGITTE style". March photographed fashion subjects but also provided the photos for headline and lead stories. Gundlach managed to adapt to changing fashions like no other and photographed the latest fashions for BRIGITTE for a total of 20 years.

1970   1970

For the first time, BRIGITTE was the market leader among fortnightly women's magazines. A year earlier, "Constanze" had been merged with BRIGITTE.

G+J took a 24.75% stake in the Spiegel publishing house ("Der Spiegel"). John Jahr and Dr Gerd Bucerius withdrew from active management of the business.
1972   1972
The first edition of the monthly magazine ESSEN & TRINKEN was launched, which presented food and fine living in a new light in the Federal Republic. Readers were treated to a modern, broader view thanks to new interpretations of recipes from ESSEN & TRINKEN's own kitchen.
1976   1976
With the first edition of GEO, a magazine that enabled readers to see the world in a new light was launched.
1978 1978

G+J became the first German publishing house to take to the international stage, taking over Cosmos Distribuidora S.A. publishing house with its DUNIA women's magazine and the parenting magazine SER PADRES HOY in Spain. | The popular science magazine P.M. was launched in Germany. | Up-and-coming journalists were also catered for with the founding of the G+J School of Journalism in Hamburg, which was renamed the Henri Nannen School in 1984.

1980 1980
STERN founder and long-standing editor-in-chief Henri Nannen retired at the end of 1980 and withdrew from the company.
French women loved it: the new women's magazine PRIMA reached a circulation of one million copies within a year of its launch.
1984 1984
The G+J subsidiary Prisma Presse launched the fortnightly women's magazine FEMME ACTUELLE.
1986 1986

In France, the TV and leisure magazine TÉLÉ LOISIRS was launched, going on to become the market leader.

In Spain, the women's magazine MIA was introduced.

1987   1987
A document of contemporary history: in 1987, the photo of politician Uwe Barschel (Prime Minister of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein from 1982 to 1987) lying dead in a bathtub caused a stir in the media world. A STERN reporter had photographed the politician in his hotel room in Geneva. Despite controversy surrounding the depiction of his corpse, the German Press Council acknowledged the high degree of public interest.

G+J acquires a majority holding in Dresdner Druck- und Verlagshaus, the publisher of the SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG newspaper.

In France, CAPITAL was launched and immediately became the market-leading business publication.

On 8 November, John Jahr Senior died at the age of 91.


Eye-to-eye with the stars: in France, Prisma Presse launched GALA, an innovative magazine concept in the people segment.

G+J Poland was founded in Warsaw and launched its first publication, weekly women's magazine CLAUDIA.

1995   1995
G+J's brands go digital:STERN.de, GEO.de, PM-MAGAZIN.de and MOPO.de were launched online.
1997 1997
Gruner + Jahr stands for quality journalism and thus also promotes outstanding photo journalism. For the first time, the printing and publishing house presented the German tour of the World Press Photo Award exhibition at its Baumwall press building. The Hamburg leg of the tour regularly achieves visitor records.

BRIGITTE.de was launched on the internet.

The GEO family grew with the launch of a further title: GEO EPOCHE.

The internationally renowned NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine was launched by G+J in Germany under licence from the National Geographic Society.

2001   2001

The internationalisation of popular magazine brands continued with the launch of GALA in Poland.

After merging with the Kurier Group and the launch of the women's magazine WOMAN, the NEWS printing group in Austria increased its portfolio to 14 magazines.

2003   2003

Within the STERN family, the magazine NEON was piloted and has been published monthly since February 2004. The NEON.de community quickly became one of the most successful on the German media market.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD was launched in November 2003 as a bilingual science magazine for children.


The launch of 23 magazine titles worldwide set a new record for Gruner + Jahr: in France, Prisma Presse launched the TV guides TÉLÉ 2 SEMAINES and TV GRANDES CHAINES. QUEST made its début in the Netherlands.

G+J took a majority stake in Motor Presse in Stuttgart.

2005   2005

G+J launched 16 new magazines in eleven countries, including VIEW in Germany, GLAMOUR in the Netherlands, and an international edition of GEO in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Turkey.


Gruner + Jahr invested heavily in expanding the websites of its most popular brands. In January it took over Entertainment Media Verlag in Germany. By acquiring the market leaders CHEFKOCH.de, PROGRAMME-TV.net and xx-well.com, the media company strengthened its market position online.

GALA hit the newsstands in Serbia and Croatia, while the upmarket magazine FIRST was launched in Austria.


As the first G+J international online project Parenting Network starts in seven countries. In Germany GEO launches a digital travel community. With the acquisition of the performance marketer Ligatus, G+J Media Sales opens up a new business area.


For Gruner + Jahr in Germany, 2010 was a year of anniversaries: 50 years for SCHÖNER WOHNEN, 30 years for IMPULSE and G+J Entertainment Media, 25 years for FLORA GARTEN, and ten years for LIVING AT HOME, BRIGITTE WOMAN and FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND. There were also celebrations abroad: 40 years for PROFIL in Austria, 15 years for FOCUS in Poland and ten years for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC in Belgium/the Netherlands and PARENTS in China.

2011   2011

Gruner + Jahr continued to invest in its publishing future by launching or buying up more than 20 titles, including GRAZIA and JAMIE in Germany. There was also investment in digital communities: G+J acquired the family community URBIA.de, thereby becoming market leader in the parenting segment. In India, G+J acquired 78.75% of MaXposure Media Group India, a publishing company with strong brands in print and online.

2012   2012

Gruner + Jahr continues investing in the digital transformation, founding Digital GmbH, a company responsible for all digital activities in Germany.

G+J launches a string of new national and international titles including GEO THEMA, COUCH, DELI and VIVA in Germany, NEON, GEO ART and INTENSE in France and VOGUE in Holland.

2013   2013

G+J is re-energising its large print brands STERN, GEO, BRIGITTE and CAPITAL. At the same time, G+J continues to successfully promote its digital activities: three of the six best eMags in the Apple Ranking "Best of AppStore 2013" are G+J brands; CAPITAL, 11FREUNDE and GEO.

2014   2014
G+J is further expanding its digital activities and creating new e-magazines and digital applications for its titles. In addition, the publishing house aims to acquire and develop suitable additional businesses for specific target groups as part of its COI strategy, such as the e-commerce platform TAMBINI. With investments in the companies Veeseo und Trnd, G+J is enhancing its expertise in the field of digital marketing.

2015   2015
In 2015, Gruner + Jahr continues to promote its fast-growing print media campaign and successfully launches eight new magazines and five special editions on the market, including BARBARA, STERN CRIME and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER. Following a comprehensive makeover, seven titles in the existing G+J portfolio (ELTERN and ELTERN FAMILY, ESSEN & TRINKEN, BIOGRAFIE, P.M., P.M. HISTORY, and GEO) are re-launched.
2015   2015
On 1 July 2015, Gruner + Jahr celebrates its 50th anniversary at the press building on Baumwall with strawberry cake and champagne. In August, First Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz invites G+J to an official senate reception in honour of G+J’s 50th anniversary, which is attended by 500 guests from the worlds of media, politics, economy and showbusiness. 
2016   2016
The digital business is growing in the marketing as well as in the core business. The largest G+J websites, STERN, GALA and BRIGITTE are achieving reach records. G+J is foremost in Germany in the segments women, living, family and food. With the launch of the SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Shop, G+J is expanding its commerce activities.