With the increasing globalisation of the economy, the importance of ethical standards of conduct and compliance with laws and applicable rules is also growing.

The Gruner + Jahr Code of Conduct

As an internationally active company, Gruner + Jahr has no desire and is unable to shy away from its increasing responsibility and the growing ethical demands placed on its business practices. The Gruner + Jahr Executive Board has therefore decided to set up a compliance organisation and to develop and introduce the Gruner + Jahr Code of Conduct.

Gruner + Jahr is committed to the basic values of partnership, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, and to its responsibility to society. Correct conduct vis-à-vis employees, customers, business partners and government bodies is of crucial importance in Gruner + Jahr's system of values. The Gruner + Jahr Code of Conduct serves all G+J companies and their managers and staff as a charter for professional decision-making and action. The Code of Conduct defines values that are based on existing statutory provisions and rules laid down by employment contracts, but codifies them in a unified form applicable group-wide. The Code of Conduct, which has been updated in collaboration with the Group Works Council, includes rules on corporate responsibility, conduct in the workplace, financial transactions and reporting, dealings with the media and the handling of technology.