Our knowledge for a good cause

In June 2008, G+J launched “G+J Commitment”, a corporate volunteering programme designed to encourage G+J managers and employees to volunteer for a good cause. Getting personally involved not only helps the beneficiary, but also expands the volunteer’s own horizons. It sharpens awareness of public welfare and understanding of social emergencies. In this way, it bridges the gap between business and society.

"G+J Commitment“

Whether homework supervision, assistance for drug addicts, involvement with the railway mission or voluntary courier services for reading promotion projects, G+J employees can get personally involved in a wide variety of activities under the "G+J Commitment" programme. It is also possible for staff to make their professional expertise available to institutions or projects. For example, an online journalist can help relief for refugees gain publicity via the internet, or a colleague from the accounts department can take over the accounting of an association that supports the homeless.

The initiative consists of several elements. For each day they take off to volunteer for a social or charity institution, employees can apply for another day of paid leave (up to a maximum of three days per year). In addition to their volunteering, employees can also apply for a grant to cover material costs (up to €1,111). And for employees who not only volunteer but also donate their own money to a project, G+J will make a matching donation of up to three times the amount (€3,333 maximum). How much money is granted and to whom is determined solely by the “G+J Commitment” committee. The committee members include representatives from the HR department, the works council and Corporate Communications, as well as executive employees.