Innovations deserve recognition

As a leading media company, Gruner + Jahr feels it has a particular responsibility to promote talent, creativity, innovation and outstanding commitment, and not just when it comes to the written word. This is why each year it bestows numerous prizes in a wide variety of fields.

STERN – Research by young people

In the 1960s, the German education system faced heavy criticism. The STERN editor-in-chief at the time, Henri Nannen, therefore launched an initiative broadly based in social terms to promote qualified young blood among scientists in the Federal Republic of Germany. Under the slogan "We are seeking tomorrow’s researchers!", Nannen launched an appeal for participation in the "Jugend forscht" project in December 1965. Within just a few years, Henri Nannen’s initiative to encourage young scientists had developed into a nationwide network. All in all, around 150,000 young scientists have participated in the "Jugend forscht" and "Schüler experimentieren" competitions over more than four decades. The number of registrations has been growing for years and proves that it is possible to get young people interested in natural science despite the continuing criticism of the German education system.

Der Deutsche Gründerpreis / The German Business Founder Award

The German Business Founder Award is the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany. It is awarded for exemplary achievement in developing innovative and stable business ideas, as well as for setting up new companies. The objective of the German Business Founder Award is to foster a positive climate for business foundation in Germany and to encourage self-employment.Every year, the German Business Founder Award awards prizes in the following categories: Schüler (Students), StartUp, Aufsteiger (Climber) and Lebenswerk (Lifework). Extraordinarily creative entrepreneurial performances are awarded a special prize.The German Business Founder Award is sponsored by the business partners STERN, Sparkassen, ZDF and Porsche.