Excellent quality

As an international publishing house that informs, inspires, advises and entertains people with more than 300 magazines and newspapers worldwide, G+J makes a vital contribution to the formation of opinions. Journalists in more than 30 countries undertake research, write texts and take photos for high-quality photographic and written coverage, whereby critically researched journalism serves the public by providing it with sound and independent information.

Henri Nannen School

The publishing house Gruner+Jahr, as well as the publications ZEIT and SPIEGEL are the supporting bodies of the renowned Henri Nannen School of Journalism in Hamburg, which launched its first course in 1979. During a two-year course consisting of a six-month basic training course and a one-and-a-half-year profile phase with six internships, 18 young people receive intensive instruction in the practice of quality journalism for print and digital media. To date, more than 700 journalists have graduated from this renowned educational institution. Many of them have reached top positions in German media, for example in the editorial head offices of SPIEGEL, GEO, ZEIT, RTL, Tagesspiegel, Brand Eins and Vice.com. Amongst others, Peter-Matthias Gaede, Mathias Müller von Blumencron, Peter Kloeppel, Gabriele Fischer and Lisa Ortgies belong to the renowned graduates.


Nannen Prize

The Nannen Prize is considered the most important award for journalists in Germany. Since 2005, it has been honoring outstanding journalistic achievements in word and image. The Nannen Prize aims to foster quality journalism in German-speaking countries and emphasize the social significance of sophisticated print and online journalism. The sponsors of the award are STERN magazine and the Gruner + Jahr publishing house. The independence of the award is guaranteed by an elaborate screening process and renowned juries, which include journalists, authors, editors-in-chief, and photographers from almost all the major publishing houses in Germany.

The Nannen Prize is presented in seven categories: the best reportage (Egon Erwin Kisch-Prize), the best photo-reportage, the best staged photo, the best investigative accomplishment, the best investigative accomplishment local, the best documentation and the best web-project. Texts, web-projects and photo reportages, which were published in German language media in the preceding calendar year, can be entered. Additionally the jury can award a special prize for an extraordinary journalistic accomplishment.


Promotion of photography

In view of the major importance of photography for the G+J media brands, G+J especially promotes photojournalism and young upcoming photographers. Thus the STERN editorial team annually announces two programs in scope of their promotion of young talent "STERN Junge Fotografie" (STERN Young Photography): The STERN Stipendium (scholarship) and the STERN Grant.
The STERN scholarship is awarded to an outstanding young photographer with a completed degree and includes an annual contract with STERN. The upcoming talent works as a permanent member of the Hamburg editorial staff and is given the opportunity to publish his pictures and gain work experience. Working together with the STERN editors, the scholarship holder deals with current events journalistically and photographically - both at home and abroad. The emphasis is on modern portrait and reportage photography.
The promotional award STERN Grant is intended to enable young talents to work on a journalistic topic for a long-term period and to help them realize projects that would otherwise not be possible for organizational and financial reasons. STERN Grant is a promotional award amounting to Euro 10,000. The winner will have the opportunity to produce his or her story or reportage in collaboration with a STERN reporter and then publish it in a publication of the STERN brand family.


European Charter on Freedom of the Press

On 25 May 2009, 48 editors-in-chief and leading journalists from 19 countries adopted and signed the "European Charter on Freedom of the Press" at the Gruner + Jahr publishing house in Hamburg. In ten articles, the Charter lays down principles for freedom from government interference – in particular in terms of protection from surveillance, eavesdropping or searches of editorial departments and computers and unimpeded access to all domestic and foreign sources of information for journalists and citizens alike. The goal is to ensure the charter's validity across Europe and to make its adoption a condition in EU accession negotiations. In the 2015 thereout the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) was founded in Leipzig. Gruner + Jahr supports the project.