Guidelines and initiatives for climate protection

The implementation of G+J's environmental policy is based on the following guidelines, which are applied within the company's projects:

More responsibility for the environment: we recommend that all staff members act in an environmentally conscious manner for reasons of journalistic logic and corporate responsibility.

Ecological and efficient use of raw materials: G+J, together with its suppliers, supports environmentally compatible methods of obtaining and processing raw materials.

Optimal use of resources: the manufacturing of our products should pollute the environment as little as possible. Procedures for the careful use of resources, waste avoidance and recycling are constantly being improved.

Promotion of environmental communication: we seek to promote ecological awareness through intensive communication with customers, suppliers and staff.

Be green day

The "Be green day" is part of our environmental concept and underpins the aims of the carbon footprint. The project is organised every other year by Bertelsmann and G+J in order to raise staff awareness of environmental responsibility and sustainability, and encourage them to get involved and think about their own impact on the environment.

GEO Day of Biodiversity

With its "GEO Day of Biodiversity", the GEO magazine wishes to promote awareness of the importance of biodiversity and increase knowledge of relationships in nature. The project aims to contribute to high-quality debates in the areas of environmental and species protection by providing a broader public beyond the realm of specialists with the knowledge needed to take part in such debates.

"GEO Rainforest Conservation"

This organisation was founded in Hamburg in 1989. A non-profit association, it is committed to the preservation of rainforests worldwide and to the improvement of economic, health-related and social living conditions for their inhabitants. In order to achieve these goals, the association raises money to support selected sustainable development projects in forest regions.Since then, "GEO Rainforest Conservation" has initiated, monitored and supported more than 90 protection and development projects in tropical and subtropical countries.