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Gruner + Jahr Polska and Cond;eacute; Nast International are launching GLAMOUR magazine on the Polish market

Hamburg, 05 December 2002

Hamburg, London, Warsaw, December 6, 2002

G+J Polska, the Polish subsidiary company of Europe;#180;s largest print and publishing house Gruner + Jahr, will launch the internationally successful women;#180;s magazine GLAMOUR in Spring 2003. GLAMOUR will be published by G+J Polska under the Condé; Nast license. The editor-in-chief of GLAMOUR Poland will be Grazyna Olbrych, 37, who up to now has been managing Cosmopolitan Poland.




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Focus, Splendid research figures as a birthday present

Hamburg, 04 December 2002
Ten years ago G+J/Mondadori released the first issue of Focus as the Italian extention of the P.

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Monday November 18 2002: the weekly magazine Voici at 15!

Hamburg, 17 November 2002

1987-2002 - behind the scenes of the magazine, the paparazzi, the trials...

everything you´ve always wanted to know.




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Gruner + Jahr is launching WOMAN

Hamburg, 20 October 2002
WOMAN, the new lifestyle magazine by Europe;#180;s largest magazine publisher, the print and publishing house Gruner + Jahr, will be available in the shops from October 22. In line with its motto more variety - topicality - service, the fortnightly magazine WOMAN offers a content mixture which is unique on the German magazine market.

Press release

Les Guides Gallimard et le magazine Geo

Hamburg, 10 October 2002

Leur complémentarité et leur savoir-faire donneront naissance au projet éditorial le plus ambitieux depuis dix ans sur le marché des guides touristiques : des efforts particuliers sont fournis tant dans la recherche des informations sur le terrain que dans la qualité du graphisme et de la mise en page.

Les premiers titres de la collection, provisoirement intitulée Geoguide Gallimard, paraîtront au printemps 2003.




Press release

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is Magazine of the Year in Poland

Hamburg, 18 September 2002
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has been chosen as Magazine of the Year by the leading industry service in Poland. For the judges of Media ; Marketing Polska, it was not just the uniqueness and exceptionally high quality of the editing, layout and advertisements that were decisive factors in deciding to award the accolade to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, but also its positive influence on comparable segments and titles on the Polish market. With around 189,000 copies per month in 2001, the circulation of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has settled down, despite three increases in its price. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s coverage in the first half of 2002 (3.61%) increased around 40% compared to the previous year (2.84%).

Press release

New addition to GEO family: GEO for Kids available in France from September 2002

Hamburg, 28 August 2002
GÉO ADO is the latest addition to the family of the successful reporting and knowledge magazine for children and young people and will be available in France from September. It will be published monthly and will present knowledge and information on geography, history, ethnology and biology to boys and girls in the 10 - 15 age group in a playful and fun way. As much emphasis will be placed on other cultures and peoples and the plant and animal kingdoms as on Napoleon and Africa. Another section will deal with current trends and teenage leisure activities. GÉO ADO will follow in the footsteps of the German GEOlino, which appeared for the first time in 1996 and today enjoys monthly sales of almost 200,000 readers (IVW II/02 196,868). Over 60% of 8 - 14-year old GEOlino buyers are subscribers. GÉO ADO (from adolescent) will be published by the French G+J publishing subsidiary, Prisma Presse, with a starting circulation of 200,000 copies. Together with WOMAN and STERN SPEZIAL BIOGRAFIE, GÉO ADO is the third new Gruner + Jahr title to appear in the second half of 2002 so far.

Press release

Online Coverages Monitor 2002 II (ORM) places strong Gruner + Jahr EMS portfolio -, and – at the top of its class

Hamburg, 21 August 2002
G+J Electronic Media Sales (G+J EMS) - Gruner + Jahr’s online marketer – has three number 1 sites in its portfolio with, and This is revealed by the current Online Coverages Monitor (ORM) 2002 II, which, similar to the Media Analysis for printed media, monitors and records reliable, coverage-related performance figures of 115 online advertising media. takes top place in the financial sites segment with approximately 780,000 users weekly. Coverage winner in the women-specific Internet offerings is with roughly 400,000 users per week., with 750,000 users per week, is first among sites dealing with cell phones and mobile telephony.

Press release

Gruner + Jahr to launch new woman’s title - WOMAN - in Germany in fall 2002

Hamburg, 11 August 2002
Gruner + Jahr plans to launch a new fortnightly woman’s magazine in Germany in fall 2002. WOMAN, with its compact and diverse assortment of topics, and its strong focus on practical value will be unique on the German market. Its precursor is WOMAN in Austria.

Press release

Women on the Net: registration for new courses now open

Hamburg, 06 August 2002
Germany is online and so are the women. Anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to learn to use the Internet can now remedy that situation. Free introductory courses will be offered again throughout Germany in September and October for newcomers to the Internet. These will be followed in November by practical courses for women who want to deepen their knowledge (30 Euro). People can register via the free hotline on 0800-330 81 97.

Press release

MA 2002 Press Media II: current readership data published - G+J significantly improves its position.

Hamburg, 23 July 2002
The coverage data from MA 2002 Press Media II were released on July 24, 2002.

Press release

Henri-Nannen School starts job forum for graduates on the Internet

Hamburg, 16 July 2002
The Hamburg Henri-Nannen Journalist School has set up a new job forum on its website: Editorial offices can click their way to direct contact with qualified journalists in the magazines, newspapers, radio, television and multimedia areas. Freelance writers are also listed on the job forum, along with their topics of interest, language knowledge and professional experience.

Press release

Kai Stepp to take over as CAPITAL editor-in-chief on September 1, 2002

Hamburg, 15 July 2002
Kai Stepp (48) will take over as editor-in-chief for CAPITAL on September 1, 2002. He is a fully qualified lawyer and was the Taxes and Law Department director for CAPITAL for five years before changing roles in the middle of 1996 to acting editor-in-chief for Wirtschaftswoche. In 2000, he started Focus Money for the burda publishing company which he will co-manage as one of two
editors-in-chief until August 2002.

Press release

From the Czech Republic to the North Sea, the longest open-air pool will be opened by ten thousand people at the first International Elbe Swim Day

Hamburg, 10 July 2002
Next Sunday, July 14, more than 10,000 people will swim in the Elbe – which until recently had the dubious honor of being the dirtiest river in Europe. The first International Elbe Swim Day was initiated by the Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. and the Gruner + Jahr printing and publishing house as part of their Living Elbe (Lebendige Elbe) project. The project which was started five years ago has as its objective the improved cooperation between some 400 organizations active on the Elbe, the development of a uniform protection concept for the river from the source to the mouth and the promotion of sustained development of the Elbe region.

Press release

First International Elbe Swim Day on 14 July 2002: Elbe pollution level meets EU guidelines for bathing water

Hamburg, 09 July 2002
The Elbe generally fulfills EU guidelines for bathing water in terms of pollution.

Press release

Henri-Nannen School Berlin will end its course offering on October 1, 2003

Hamburg, 08 July 2002
The course schemes at the Henri-Nannen School in Berlin will be discontinued from October 2003. Klaus Steiner, director of the Berlin school for many years now, will reach his retirement age of 65 at that time. There is no relation between this and the G+J withdrawal from the regional newspaper business. The Henri-Nannen Journalist School in Hamburg, which will celebrate its 25-year anniversary at the end of 2003, will not be affected by this decision.

Press release

Berndt Schramka, acting school director of the Henri-Nannen School in Hamburg, is retiring from Gruner + Jahr at the end of 2002 to set up his own business

Hamburg, 08 July 2002
Acting school director, Berndt Schramka (50), will leave the Hamburg Henri-Nannen School on 31.12.2002 to take up new challenges. - he will set up his own business as a consultant and trainer. He took up the position of acting school director at Gruner + Jahr in 1991.

Press release

Special magazine BIOGRAFIE to appear under the STERN umbrella in the future

Hamburg, 08 July 2002
The special magazine, BIOGRAFIE, previously published by the G+J München publishing group, will be under the control of STERN in the future. There is broad agreement for this move from the G+J Magazines Managing Director and the publishing groups and editorial offices involved.

Press release

Andreas Lebert - the new BRIGITTE editor-in-chief

Hamburg, 03 July 2002
Andreas Lebert (46) will take over the role of editor-in-chief for the G+J magazines BRIGITTE and BRIGITTE WOMAN by October 1 2002 at the latest.

Press release

Gruner + Jahr Executive Board adopts new strategic orientation – withdrawal from the regional newspaper business and sale of the Berlin newspaper activities to the Holtzbrinck publishing group

Hamburg, 25 June 2002
Gruner + Jahr’s Executive Board has set a new course for the group as a result of a strategy process. In the future, Gruner + Jahr’s priority will be to concentrate on expanding and enhancing its market position in the traditional markets for the magazines business and the associated printing companies. To this end, extensive investment is planned in the next few years with the emphasis on the core markets of Germany, France and the US. This will include both the introduction of new titles and also targeted acquisitions. Gruner + Jahr is already the leading international publishing house today and achieves more than 60 percent of its sales outside Germany. The priorities for the market activities of the coming years were defined in the context of an intensive analysis of the market segments.

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