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E-paper edition of SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG leads the way for electronic newspapers

Hamburg, 18 June 2002
The e-paper SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG product already fulfills the basic requirements for a future inclusion of electronic newspaper and magazine editions in IVW circulation measurements. This is why the the e-paper solution from Gruner + Jahr‘s Dresden printing and publishing company is at the head of the pack compared to other competing models. In a letter to the publishers, the IVW announced that electronic issues of press products will be recorded in its figures in the future. With the 1-to-1 transfer of the print edition, payable delivery and offline availability, the current e-paper edition of the SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG has been meeting the most important IVW criteria since January 2002. Once detailed guidelines are developed by the IVW, digital circulation and printed circulation will be recorded separately.

Press release

Gruner +Jahr’s German Magazine Division - combined management of the Brigitte and München publishing groups and target group-specific restructuring of the external advertising service on July 1, 2002

Hamburg, 17 June 2002
With effect from July 1 2002, Anne Volk (58) will, voluntarily and at her own request, hand over the helm of the G+J Brigitte publishing group (BRIGITTE, BRIGITTE YOUNG MISS, BRIGITTE WOMAN) to Dr. Volker Breid (40).

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