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Hamburg, 14 March 2004
Gruner + Jahr is launching a new travel magazine in the Netherlands: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER will be published bi-monthly in a print run of 50,000 copies, at ;euro;4.95 an issue. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER further enhances G+J´s position in the Dutch magazine market.

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Alexander Adler New Spokesman At Gruner + Jahr

Hamburg, 01 March 2004
Alexander Adler, 31, has been appointedspokesman in Gruner + Jahr´s Corporate Communications department.His work will focus on international press relations, where he willbe responsible for the International Magazine Division and theMagazine Divisions France and USA. Kurt Otto, 56, will continuein his capacity as press spokesman for G+J´s divisions in Germany(Magazine Division Germany, Newspaper Division/Business PressGermany). Otto will also represent the company´s head of CorporateCommunications, Thomas Huber, 36, who is in charge as CorporateSpokesman of executive board matters and corporate issues.

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G + J Launches QUEST, Holland´s Newest Popular-Science Magazine

Hamburg, 17 February 2004
With tomorrow´s launch of the new popular-science monthly QUEST, Gruner + Jahr further extends its market leadership in Holland´s pop-sci magazine sector. Since entering the Dutch market two years ago with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Gruner + Jahr has already reached the profit zone in the Netherlands and is on an expansionist course with new titles. The first issue of QUEST will be published in a print run of 150,000 copies.

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World Press Photo 2004 in Germany is presented by Gruner + Jahr, STERN, GEO and Deutsche Bahn

Hamburg, 12 February 2004
The annual World Press Photo Award is considered the most recognizedaward in the press photography sector. This morning, the current winnersof the 47th World Press Photo Award were announced in Amsterdam.The World Press Photo of the year is a color exposure by the Frenchphotographer, Jean-Marc Bouju. It shows an imprisoned Iraqi man protectinghis four year-old son in a transit camp for prisoners of war near Najaf (Iraq).

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Dr. Udo Stalleicken New Vice President of Magazine Division France + USA

Hamburg, 09 February 2004
Dr. Udo Stalleicken, 36, has beenappointed Vice President in Gruner + Jahr´s Magazine DivisionFrance + USA, effective immediately. In his new capacity, hewill assist G+J executive board member Axel in coordinatingGruner + Jahr´s magazine business in the U.S.He succeeds Rolf Heinz, and will report directly to Axel Ganz,the G+J executive board member in charge of the magazine businessin France and the U.S. Ganz is the interim head of G+J Publishing´sactivities in New York until a new CEO is appointed. Ganz andStalleicken are supported by Virginie Renault, who supervisesthe division´s controlling for magazine activities in Franceand the U.S. out of the Paris office.

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Gruner + Jahr France: Record-Breaking T;Eacute;L;Eacute; 2 SEMAINES Sells Over One Million Copies

Hamburg, 04 February 2004
The introduction of France´s first bi-weekly TV guide by the Gruner + Jahr subsidiary Prisma Presse has broken all previous records. The premier issue of T;Eacute;L;Eacute; 2 SEMAINES, which hit newsstands on Jan 5 at a cover price of ;euro;1, sold more than a million copies. The second issue of the TV magazine managed to exceed even this circulation. The latest projections peg retail sales at 1.3 million copies, making T;Eacute;L;Eacute; 2 SEMAINES the most successful magazine launch of all time in France, and one of the most successful ever in Europe.

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BÖRSE ONLINE remains in Munich

Hamburg, 27 January 2004
The editorial department and the business management team of BÖRSE ONLINE, Germany´s leading investor magazine, remain at their location in Munich. As a business location, Munich is of considerable importance for the Börse Online magazine and its planned comprehensive onward strategy. In addition to Frankfurt, Munich is the strongest commercial center in Germany, and thus has a special relevance for the investor magazine. With its three media locations in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, Gruner + Jahr guarantees continuing closeness to its buyers, readers and market partners nationwide. Thanks to various reorganization measures within the editorial department of BÖRSE ONLINE, extensive economies have already been realized and further adjustment measures are not intended here at present.

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Gruner + Jahr economy press titles CAPITAL and IMPULSE remain in Cologne

Hamburg, 27 January 2004
The editorial departments of CAPITAL, the leading classic economy magazine with the largest print run, and IMPULSE, the leading enterpriser magazine, as well as the publishing house departments of the G+J economy press remain at their location in Cologne. As a business location, Cologne is of particular importance for the current intensive market offensive of CAPITAL and IMPULSE.

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Innovation Campaign: Gruner + Jahr Launches FOCUS JUNIOR, A New Popular-Science Magazine For Children In Italy

Hamburg, 15 January 2004
Gruner + Jahr continues its worldwide innovation campaign in 2004 with a new popular-science magazine for children and teens in Italy. By launching FOCUS JUNIOR, the Italian publishing subsidiary Gruner + Jahr/Mondadori further extends the brand family based on the well-loved popular-science magazine FOCUS, Italy´s highest-selling monthly with a print run of over 850,000 copies. FOCUS JUNIOR will be published monthly in a print run of 250,000 copies. The special introductory price of ;euro;1.50 will be raised to ;euro;2.75 starting with the third issue.

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