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Gruner + Jahr Successfully Counters the Crisis in Its Markets

Hamburg, 01 April 2009
Gruner + Jahr, Europe's biggest magazine publisher and the highestrevenue publishing house in Germany, defended its market position in 2008.

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G+J Launches FOCUS PICO In Italy: G+J's First Magazine for Preschoolers

Hamburg, 24 October 2007
G+J/Mondadori in Italy is launching a magazine for children below reading age. Focus Pico, a new magazine catering to children ages three to six years and their parents, makes its debut on Italian newsstands on December 1.

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Gruner + Jahr Reports Revenue Surge for 2006

Hamburg, 22 March 2007
Gruner + Jahr´s growth was faster than that of any other German major publisher for the second consecutive year, forcefully underscoring its position as Europe´s biggest magazine publisher and Germany´s highestsales publishing house.