Press release

GALA STYLE Women´s Magazine Launches in Croatia

Hamburg, 25 April 2007 –

The G+J subsidiary Adria Media Zagreb has launched a bimonthly version of its internationally popular magazine GALA in Croatia. GALA STYLE made its newsstand debut on 27 April 2007.

GALA STLYE is devoted to fashion and beauty as well as to celebrities noted for their personal style. Culture, travel and interior decoration spreads are also integral elements of each issue.

GALA STYLE caters to young, urban-oriented and working women. Each 212-page magazine will sell for the equivalent of ;euro;4.00 ($5.45), and will be issued in a print run of 40,000 copies, which establishes GALA STYLE as a high-end magazine in the upscale women´s magazine segment. Sanja Muzaferija, 50, is the new magazine´s editor-in-chief.

Alexander Adler
Director External Communications
Phone: +49-40-3703-2244