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G+J Spain: MUY INTERESANTE JUNIOR launches as seventh international G+J-title for children and teens

Hamburg, 19 September 2004
amburg, September 20, 2004
Gruner + Jahr launches with MUY INTERESANTE JUNIOR in Spain the worldwide seventh popular-science title for children and teens. To introduce the title, MUY JUNIOR will first be enclosed as a supplement to Spain’s leading monthly MUY INTERESANTE and the G+J titles GEO and MIA. The second issue will be available as a separate publication at a cover price of ;euro;1.50. G+J pegs the target price at ;euro;2.75.

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G+J/RBA Netherlands: Innovation Campaign Continues With NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC JUNIOR

Hamburg, 16 September 2004
Gruner + Jahr is expanding its international portfolio of popular-science magazines by launching NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC JUNIOR in the Netherlands. After the great success of GEOLINO and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD in Germany, GEOLENOK in Russia and FOCUS JUNIOR in Italy, G+J seeks to strengthen its powerful position in the Dutch popular-science segment with a separate offshoot for young readers. The title will be published 11 times a year beginning Sep 28, in partnership with the Malmberg imprint, one of the Netherland´s most tradition-steeped and highly acclaimed educational publishers.

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G+J Poland Launches Two New Magazines

Hamburg, 31 May 2004
Jun 1 will mark the debut of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS in Poland. The children´s magazine will initially be tested for three issues, each with a print run of 80,000 copies, and will be published monthly thereafter if the test proves successful.The cover price is roughly ;euro;1.30.

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World Press Photo Germany Premiere at the G+J Pressehaus in Hamburg

Hamburg, 27 April 2004
Gruner + Jahr, STERN, GEO and theDEUTSCHE BAHN present the German premiere of the World PressPhoto exhibition at the G+J Pressehaus in Hamburg fromApr 29 to May 23.

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G+J Poland: More Than GALA – GALA PLUS Gets Up Close And Personal With Celebrities

Hamburg, 15 April 2004
Gruner + Jahr is extending its magazine portfolio in Poland. After GALA, which hit the market in July 2001 and now enjoys a circulation of over 210,000 copies, G+J is introducing GALA PLUS, a line extension to its successful people magazine. GALA PLUS will be published twice a year and rounds out the highly au-courant weekly GALA with opulently produced and high-quality reports that present a very personal and private look at Polish celebrities.

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After High Profits in 2003, Gruner + Jahr Pursues Course of Expansion

Hamburg, 31 March 2004
In a continuingly difficult global marketenvironment, Europe´s biggest magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr in 2003again earned very good money and is well equipped for further growth.EBITA was improved to ;euro; 238 million (previous year: ;euro; 234 million) primarilydue to a strengthened core business and continuing strict cost discipline.Return on Sales rose to 9.6 percent (previous year: 8.3 percent). Beforepublishing investments, i.e. not including development costs and start-uplosses for new magazine titles, ROS amounted to 12.1 percent. Due to specialitems such as disposals and currency, income from external sales effects fellto ;euro; 2.48 billion (previous year: ;euro; 2.8 billion); adjusted for these specialitems, revenues remained stable.

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Hamburg, 14 March 2004
Gruner + Jahr is launching a new travel magazine in the Netherlands: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER will be published bi-monthly in a print run of 50,000 copies, at ;euro;4.95 an issue. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER further enhances G+J´s position in the Dutch magazine market.

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G + J Launches QUEST, Holland´s Newest Popular-Science Magazine

Hamburg, 17 February 2004
With tomorrow´s launch of the new popular-science monthly QUEST, Gruner + Jahr further extends its market leadership in Holland´s pop-sci magazine sector. Since entering the Dutch market two years ago with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Gruner + Jahr has already reached the profit zone in the Netherlands and is on an expansionist course with new titles. The first issue of QUEST will be published in a print run of 150,000 copies.

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World Press Photo 2004 in Germany is presented by Gruner + Jahr, STERN, GEO and Deutsche Bahn

Hamburg, 12 February 2004
The annual World Press Photo Award is considered the most recognizedaward in the press photography sector. This morning, the current winnersof the 47th World Press Photo Award were announced in Amsterdam.The World Press Photo of the year is a color exposure by the Frenchphotographer, Jean-Marc Bouju. It shows an imprisoned Iraqi man protectinghis four year-old son in a transit camp for prisoners of war near Najaf (Iraq).

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Innovation Campaign: Gruner + Jahr Launches FOCUS JUNIOR, A New Popular-Science Magazine For Children In Italy

Hamburg, 15 January 2004
Gruner + Jahr continues its worldwide innovation campaign in 2004 with a new popular-science magazine for children and teens in Italy. By launching FOCUS JUNIOR, the Italian publishing subsidiary Gruner + Jahr/Mondadori further extends the brand family based on the well-loved popular-science magazine FOCUS, Italy´s highest-selling monthly with a print run of over 850,000 copies. FOCUS JUNIOR will be published monthly in a print run of 250,000 copies. The special introductory price of ;euro;1.50 will be raised to ;euro;2.75 starting with the third issue.

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Generational Shift And Restructuring On Gruner + Jahr Executive Board in 2004

Hamburg, 28 September 2003
As part of a generational shift that has been planned for a long time, G+J´s Executive Board will see some changes in major divisions up to the end of 2004.

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GEO magazine now also published in Romania.

Hamburg, 18 August 2003
The GEO family of quality magazines continues togrow. The latest addition is a licensed edition of GEO magazine in Romania.First introduced 27 years ago in Germany, GEO now appears in six countriesaround the world (Germany, France, Spain, Russia, South Korea and Romania).

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G+J Polska: Polish women love GLAMOUR

Hamburg, 13 July 2003
Gruner + Jahr has successfully launched the women's magazine GLAMOUR in Poland. On average, the first three editions (April – June, 2003) of the monthly title found more than 330,000 female buyers. In comparison with the average sales in 2002 within the segment of high quality women's titles, GLAMOUR was not only ahead of internationally renowned titles, such as "Elle" (94.896) and "Cosmopolitan" (121.331), but it also beat local magazine "Tw;oacute;j Styl" (295.507) from the very beginning. It thus leads the market within the segment of glossy women's magazines. This success is also rewarded by the advertising customers. With 171 advert pages for the first three editions, GLAMOUR is already in second position behind "Tw;oacute;j Styl" within its segment according to Polish advertising statistics.With the successful launch of GLAMOUR, published by G+J Polska under license of Condé; Nast, Gruner + Jahr managed to strengthen their top position within the complete segment of women's magazines in Poland. Regarding the overview of sales and gross proceeds adverts, both weekly titles NAJ and GALA, as well as the monthly titles CLAUDIA and GLAMOUR, account for 35 percent of the sold women's magazines in Poland. Oliver Voigt, CEO G+J Polska: "With 39 million inhabitants, Poland is the largest and most attractive Eastern European readers' market. Following GALA and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, with GLAMOUR we have successfully placed another large international quality title on the market. We will consequently expand its market leader position among the women's magazines."

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GEOLenok magazine – launch of the year in Russia

Hamburg, 10 July 2003
GEOLenok, the knowledge and reports magazine for children and teenagers, which Gruner + Jahr launched in Russia this spring, has been awarded magazine launch of the year there. During an event organized by the government of Moscow, GEOLenok was awarded for its "innovative approach concerning text and layout, and the extraordinarily high editorial quality". Among the jury were prominent representatives from the fields of politics, economy, society and culture. Following GEOLino in Germany and GEO ADO in France, GEOLenok is the third step towards establishing a high quality international magazine brand for young readers. The first edition of the title, which was launched with 50,000 copies for the price of 35 rubles (ca 1 Euro) has already sold out. GEOLenok, following GEO and GALA as Gruner + Jahr's third title on the Russian magazine market, is published nine times a year. Says Olaf Hengerer, CEO G+J Russia: "The award and the high sales of GEOLenok confirm that we are heading in the right direction with our strategy of launching high quality titles on the young Russian market."

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Appointments within the Discovery segment of the Prisma Presse group

Hamburg, 21 May 2003
As business manager, Sophie Sachnine contributed a great deal to the successful revivalof ;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse in 2002, thanks to which the number of sold copies of the title in Franceincreased by 9.5% compared to 2001. Ms. Sachnine graduated from EAP in 1988 and gaineda Masters in Communication from HEC Business School in 1989. She began her career at Nestlé;France before joining Prisma Presse at the end of 1993 and becoming director of advertising,first for GEO and ;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse, and later for Capital. Sophie Sachnine occupied the postof business manager of the women´s segment at Martine Grapas before she was offered thesame position with ;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse in April 2001.

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Opening night of the World Press Photo Exhibition in Germany - presented by GEO and Gruner + Jahr from May 1- 25, 2003 at the G+J press building at Baumwall in Hamburg

Hamburg, 04 May 2003
A mourning boy standing at the grave of his father who died in an earthquakein Iran in June 2002: the picture vividly expresses helplessness, grief, andtangible misery.

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GEOLenok - The innovative children;lsquo;s magazine from Gruner + Jahr in Russia

Hamburg, 07 April 2003
Gruner + Jahr, Europe;lsquo;s biggest magazine publisher,has announced its new children;lsquo;s magazine GEOLenok. Gruner + Jahr has beensuccessfully publishing children;lsquo;s GEOLino in Germany since 1996 andGEOAdo in France since 2002. GEOLenok is the logical extension of the world-renownedGEO editorial product and a unique magazine in the Russian press market.

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Gruner + Jahr Doubles 2002 EBITA To ;euro;234 Million - Revenues Total ;euro;2.8 Billion - New Titles In USA, France, Poland, Russia And China

Hamburg, 27 March 2003
Gruner + Jahr, Europe;lsquo;s biggest magazine publisher, delivered acomparatively good performance in 2002 despite the advertising crisis, andwill continue to grow in 2003, mainly by means of new title launches.EBITA, reported under to IAS (International Accounting Standards) for thefirst time, doubled year on year to 234 million (2001 pro forma: ;euro;117million). Total earnings (EBITA including special gains) rose to ;euro;406 million.During the same period, revenues declined to ;euro;2.8 billion, due to disposalsand the continuing decline in the ad business, especially in Germany. Netearnings amounted to ;euro;116 million (00/01: ;euro;40 million, reported under HGBGerman Commercial Code which restricts comparability), while cash flowmore than tripled to ;euro;385 million (00/01 pro forma: ;euro;114 million/HGB). TheReturn on Sales was 8.3 percent.

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Gruner + Jahr Polska and Cond;eacute; Nast International are launching GLAMOUR magazine on the Polish market

Hamburg, 05 December 2002

Hamburg, London, Warsaw, December 6, 2002

G+J Polska, the Polish subsidiary company of Europe;#180;s largest print and publishing house Gruner + Jahr, will launch the internationally successful women;#180;s magazine GLAMOUR in Spring 2003. GLAMOUR will be published by G+J Polska under the Condé; Nast license. The editor-in-chief of GLAMOUR Poland will be Grazyna Olbrych, 37, who up to now has been managing Cosmopolitan Poland.




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Les Guides Gallimard et le magazine Geo

Hamburg, 10 October 2002

Leur complémentarité et leur savoir-faire donneront naissance au projet éditorial le plus ambitieux depuis dix ans sur le marché des guides touristiques : des efforts particuliers sont fournis tant dans la recherche des informations sur le terrain que dans la qualité du graphisme et de la mise en page.

Les premiers titres de la collection, provisoirement intitulée Geoguide Gallimard, paraîtront au printemps 2003.




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