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And the Henri Nannen Prize 2012 goes to...

Hamburg, 15 May 2012
Stefan Willeke (DIE ZEIT), Documentary reporting: A twelvememberteam from DER SPIEGEL magazine, Investigative reporting: Nikolaus Harbusch,Martin Heidemanns (BILD), Hans Leyendecker, Klaus Ott, Nicolas Richter(Süddeutsche Zeitung), Essay: Niklas Maak (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung),Photo reporting: Kai Löffelbein (stern.

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Bernd Buchholz Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Gruner + Jahr

Hamburg, 05 January 2009
Dr Bernd Buchholz, a member of the G+J Executive Board and President of G+J Germany, has been appointed the new CEO of Gruner + Jahr by the company's supervisory board with immediate effect. Buchholz succeeds Dr Bernd Kundrun, who today resigned as CEO with immediate effect due to differences regarding Gruner + Jahr's future strategy. The company and Kundrun are parting ways in mutual agreement. Bernd Buchholz's appointment to the Bertelsmann Executive Board will be decided on by the appropriate administrative bodies at a later point in time.

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G+J Photo Award: Nominees are in

Hamburg, 08 April 2008
In January 2008, Gruner + Jahr invited aspiring professional photographs ages 35 and under to submit their work for the first-ever G+J photo award.

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Gruner + Jahr Reports Revenue Surge for 2006

Hamburg, 22 March 2007
Gruner + Jahr´s growth was faster than that of any other German major publisher for the second consecutive year, forcefully underscoring its position as Europe´s biggest magazine publisher and Germany´s highestsales publishing house.

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EMOTION: Gruner + Jahr Banks On The Power Of Feelings

Hamburg, 13 February 2006
A new title expands Gruner + Jahr´s offer: the newmonthly women´s magazine EMOTION will arrive at newsstands and stores on February 17.The psychology magazine mainly targets women between the ages of 28 and 59. It dealswith the topics partnership, career, leisure, friendship, and family from a psychologicalperspective. Bettina Wündrich, Editor-in-Chief, describes her idea of the target group:"EMOTION addresses women who, when they hear the word ´reflection,´ won´t immediatelythink of the mirror in their bathroom."

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Hamburg, 06 August 2003
The latest addition to the BRIGITTE brand is called BRIGITTE COOKIE. With 164 pages in total, the new pocket format magazine presents quick and easy recipes straight out of the BRIGITTE kitchen. G+J are planning to publish COOKIE four times a year from 2004. In six categories ("pasta", "soups ; salads", "mains", "fit and slim", "party!" and "So sweet") BRIGITTE COOKIE offers one recipe on every double page. Each magazine comprises 60 recipes in total. Thanks to a clear structure and many tips and tricks, the outstanding BRIGITTE quality recipes make you feel like cooking and enjoying the results straight away.

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Gruner + Jahr Doubles 2002 EBITA To ;euro;234 Million - Revenues Total ;euro;2.8 Billion - New Titles In USA, France, Poland, Russia And China

Hamburg, 27 March 2003
Gruner + Jahr, Europe;lsquo;s biggest magazine publisher, delivered acomparatively good performance in 2002 despite the advertising crisis, andwill continue to grow in 2003, mainly by means of new title launches.EBITA, reported under to IAS (International Accounting Standards) for thefirst time, doubled year on year to 234 million (2001 pro forma: ;euro;117million). Total earnings (EBITA including special gains) rose to ;euro;406 million.During the same period, revenues declined to ;euro;2.8 billion, due to disposalsand the continuing decline in the ad business, especially in Germany. Netearnings amounted to ;euro;116 million (00/01: ;euro;40 million, reported under HGBGerman Commercial Code which restricts comparability), while cash flowmore than tripled to ;euro;385 million (00/01 pro forma: ;euro;114 million/HGB). TheReturn on Sales was 8.3 percent.

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Gruner + Jahr Polska and Cond;eacute; Nast International are launching GLAMOUR magazine on the Polish market

Hamburg, 05 December 2002

Hamburg, London, Warsaw, December 6, 2002

G+J Polska, the Polish subsidiary company of Europe;#180;s largest print and publishing house Gruner + Jahr, will launch the internationally successful women;#180;s magazine GLAMOUR in Spring 2003. GLAMOUR will be published by G+J Polska under the Condé; Nast license. The editor-in-chief of GLAMOUR Poland will be Grazyna Olbrych, 37, who up to now has been managing Cosmopolitan Poland.




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Women on the Net: registration for new courses now open

Hamburg, 06 August 2002
Germany is online and so are the women. Anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to learn to use the Internet can now remedy that situation. Free introductory courses will be offered again throughout Germany in September and October for newcomers to the Internet. These will be followed in November by practical courses for women who want to deepen their knowledge (30 Euro). People can register via the free hotline on 0800-330 81 97.

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Andreas Lebert - the new BRIGITTE editor-in-chief

Hamburg, 03 July 2002
Andreas Lebert (46) will take over the role of editor-in-chief for the G+J magazines BRIGITTE and BRIGITTE WOMAN by October 1 2002 at the latest.