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Julia Jäkel appointed to Executive Board of Gruner + Jahr AG

Hamburg, 05 September 2012
The Gruner + Jahr AG Supervisory Board has appointed Julia Jäkel (40) to the Executive Board of Europe's leading magazine publisher with immediate effect.

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Gruner + Jahr invests in digital future

Hamburg, 30 August 2012
Gruner + Jahr, Europe's leading magazine publisher, kept revenues at the relatively stable level of 1,111 million Euro (2011: 1,113 million Euro) during the reporting period.

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Gruner + Jahr Deutschland pools the digital activities of its brands

Hamburg, 22 August 2012
amburg, 22 August 2012 On 1 September 2012, Gruner + Jahr will found Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH.

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GALA SPA AWARDS 2013: application phase now open

Hamburg, 13 August 2012
Fantastic spa locations and luxury hotels, innovative beauty products, and extraordinary treatments are once again being sought for the GALA SPA AWARDS, which are awarded by premium people and lifestyle magazine GALA in cooperation with Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.

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And the Henri Nannen Prize 2012 goes to...

Hamburg, 15 May 2012
Stefan Willeke (DIE ZEIT), Documentary reporting: A twelvememberteam from DER SPIEGEL magazine, Investigative reporting: Nikolaus Harbusch,Martin Heidemanns (BILD), Hans Leyendecker, Klaus Ott, Nicolas Richter(Süddeutsche Zeitung), Essay: Niklas Maak (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung),Photo reporting: Kai Löffelbein (stern.

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Gruner + Jahr raises revenues yet again while investing in its core business and the digital future of its strong brands. G+J Germany obtains a record result in 2011. G+J International expands its engagement in India.

Hamburg, 28 March 2012
ly organic
- Operating EBIT above pre-crisis level
- Annual net income at the same high level of the previous year
- High profitability with a double-digit return on sales
- Sale of Prinovis in autumn 2011
- Investments in India and in digital transformation
- High level of profit participation – employees participate in corporate success

Hamburg, March 29, 2012
Gruner + Jahr looks back on a good fiscal 2011: G+J recorded a slight, mainly organic growth in revenues in the period under review, with the operating result remaining high and above the level of the pre-crisis years.

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Henri Nannen Prize competition 2012 launches with a new category and new jury members

Hamburg, 01 November 2011
Europe's leading magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr and its magazine stern are awarding the Henri Nannen Prize for the eighth time.

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Gruner + Jahr: Successful in core business – G+J increases revenues in first half of 2011 – results remain on high level

Hamburg, 31 August 2011
Group revenues at Gruner + Jahr rose considerably year-on-year to ;euro; 1,250 million (2010: ;euro; 1,217 million) while operating EBIT remained almost the same as in 2010.

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Four new members join Gruner + Jahr AG's supervisory board

Hamburg, 28 August 2011
+ Jahr AG's supervisory boardHamburg, 29 August 2011
At its last Annual General Meeting, four new members were elected to Gruner + Jahr AG's supervisory board with immediate effect: Dr.

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G+J / Motor Presse Stuttgart launches CARRO HOJE in Brazil

Hamburg, 28 August 2011
Motor Presse Stuttgart is considerably extending its market presence in Brazil with the launch of CARRO HOJE, Brazil's first weekly car magazine.

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Gruner + Jahr launches QUEST magazine in South Africa

Hamburg, 28 August 2011
This week, Gruner + Jahr is due to launch an English-language edition of Dutch magazine QUEST in South Africa.

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Gruner + Jahr acquires majority interest in MaXposure Media Group, India

Hamburg, 03 August 2011

G+J International is acquiring a 78.75 percent interest in MaXposure Media Group India Pvt. Ltd., the effective date being July 1st,

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Axel Bogocz appointed Publisher and CEO of Verlagsgruppe NEWS

Hamburg, 20 July 2011
Axel Bogocz, 47, will take over as Publisher and CEO of Verlagsgruppe NEWS on 1 September 2011.

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Gruner + Jahr International extends its executive team

Hamburg, 27 June 2011
According to the growth of the international activities of Gruner + Jahr, Torsten-Jörn Klein, President of G+J International, is reorganising his division's executive team:
Stefan Gneuß (45), currently CFO and Executive Vice President G+J International, has been appointed COO G+J International with effect from July 1, 2011 and will take on the responsibilities of Bernd Rademann.

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The Henri Nannen Prize 2011 goes to:

Hamburg, 05 May 2011

ortage/Feature: René; Pfister (DER SPIEGEL), Documentary: Ulrike Demmer, Markus Feldenkirchen, Ullrich Fichtner, Matthias Gebauer, John Goetz, Hauke Goos, Jochen-Martin Gutsch, Susanne Koelbl, Shoib Najafizada, Christoph Schwennicke, Holger Stark (DER SPIEGEL), Investigative: Christine Kröger (Weser-Kurier) Humor: Hans Zippert (Die WELT) Photo Feature: Stephan Vanfleteren (DU-ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR KULTUR) and Special Award: Susan Leinemann (ZEIT MAGAZIN)

The Gruner + Jahr publishing house and stern also presented a 2011 Henri Nannen Prize to Wolf Schneider for his lifetime achievement in publishing and journalism.

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The Henri Nannen Award 2011 for services to press freedom has been awarded to the editorial department of the French newspaper "Le Canard enchain;eacute;"

Hamburg, 19 April 2011
The Henri Nannen Award 2011 for special dedication to freedom of the press has been awarded to the French newspaper "Le Canard enchainé;.

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Gruner + Jahr Grows Its Revenues, Achieves Significant Profit Leap

Hamburg, 30 March 2011
Thanks to slight organic growth, G+J generated increased revenues and achieved an excellent operating result, above pre-crisis levels, in fiscal 2010. Following the global economic and financial crisis and successfully implemented structural measures as well as investments in new businesses, brands and titles, the company was able to strengthen its market position, especially in Germany, and grew its operating result significantly.

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Ligatus France concludes exclusive agreement with the largest titles of the French daily and weekly press

Hamburg, 13 March 2011
Les Echos, Le Figaro, Libé;ration, Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France) and three weekly journals(L'Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Point) have closed an exclusive partnership with Ligatus for the marketing of their text link formats in the area of performance marketing in France.

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Gruner + Jahr and Motor Presse appoint Sonia Fuentes Managing Director of GPS

Hamburg, 09 February 2011
Effective 1 March 2011 the Board of Directors of the Spanish publishing services company Gesti;oacute;n de Publicaciones y Publicidad (GPS) appointed previous CFO Sonia Fuentes to the position of Managing Director of GPS.GPS was founded in 2007 as a publishing services joint venture with its registered office in Madrid and equal shares held by GyJ Espa;ntilde;a (Gruner + Jahr) and Motorpress Ibé;rica (Motor Presse Stuttgart). GPS provides a comprehensive range of publishing services, from production and distribution to advertisement sales and complete IT solutions as well as administrative services.

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G+J International Media Sales (IMS) begins international marketing in Germany and opens an international office in Hamburg.

Hamburg, 20 January 2011
International Media Claudia Scheil, since January 2011 IMS has expanded its field of activity to include the international advertising budgets of German companies, thereby increasing its relevance as a global marketing partner. Upon opening its new office, IMS had already won the well-known business magazine "Forbes" and British Airways' renowned in-flight and ambient media as new clients.

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