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A new addition to the international GEO family: GEO EPOCHE launches in the Czech Republic

Hamburg, 01 November 2011
GEO EPOCHE, Germany's market-leading single-topic history magazine and part of the GEO family, will hit the newsstands in the Czech Republic for the first time on November 2, 2011.

Press release

Gruner + Jahr Posts Significant Rise in Revenue and Result for 2005

Hamburg, 26 March 2006
Gruner + Jahr, Europe┬┤s biggest magazine publisherand the strongest-selling German publisher, lastingly enhanced its leadingmarket position in fiscal 2005. For the first time in four years, G+J increasedits revenues and achieved significant growth in profits, managing to pull offa turnaround in a difficult market environment.

Press release

GEO magazine now also published in Romania.

Hamburg, 18 August 2003
The GEO family of quality magazines continues togrow. The latest addition is a licensed edition of GEO magazine in Romania.First introduced 27 years ago in Germany, GEO now appears in six countriesaround the world (Germany, France, Spain, Russia, South Korea and Romania).