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International GEO Day of Biodiversity to be held in 35 countries in 2010

Hamburg, 10 January 2010
At a ceremony in Berlin, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen on Mondayrang in the "International Jahr of Biodiversity." Proclaimed by the United Nations, the year will be marked by a wide variety of activities in numerous countries, organized to build people's awareness of how valuable it is to have a high diversity of plants and animals, ecosystems and genetic variety.

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GEO Continues its Internationalization: Ninth GEO Website Launches in Bulgaria

Hamburg, 25 October 2009
The ninth GEO website launches in Bulgaria today at . As part of GEO's international concept eight websites have already gone online this year – in Finland, Spain, Russia and five other eastern European countries.

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GEO Continues Its International Expansion Course Online

Hamburg, 30 March 2009
The reportage magazine GEO continues its international expansion course online. After successfully launching in Spain at in January, it is now launching GEO websites on the same basis in Finland, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. This means that eight of the 12 planned sites are already online within the first three months of the year.

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G + J International continues launch of multinational online projects, sets up GEO sites in 12 countries

Hamburg, 11 January 2009
The reportage magazine GEO is now advancing its international expansion in the online realm as well, and has launched the multinational roll-out of GEO websites based on a shared technical platform. The first international GEO site will go online in Spain at, by 19 January 2009 at the latest – to be followed in the coming weeks by Russia, Italy, Finland and eight other countries within the first half of 2009.

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Launch of GEO Bulgaria / First license edition of GEO International

Hamburg, 18 November 2007
On November 20th, Gruner + Jahr will launch the international reportage magazine GEO in Bulgaria. With this introduction, Gruner + Jahr continues the internationalisation of its GEO magazine which is now published in 16 countries; the launch of GEO Bulgaria is the first license edition of GEO International.

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Opening night of the World Press Photo Exhibition in Germany - presented by GEO and Gruner + Jahr from May 1- 25, 2003 at the G+J press building at Baumwall in Hamburg

Hamburg, 04 May 2003
A mourning boy standing at the grave of his father who died in an earthquakein Iran in June 2002: the picture vividly expresses helplessness, grief, andtangible misery.