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Reorganisation of Gruner + Jahr Germany's publishing groups as of 1 February 2012

Hamburg, 27 November 2011
Gruner + Jahr Germany will restructure the organisation of its publishing groups as of 1 February 2012.

Press release

EMOTION: Gruner + Jahr Banks On The Power Of Feelings

Hamburg, 13 February 2006
A new title expands Gruner + Jahr´s offer: the newmonthly women´s magazine EMOTION will arrive at newsstands and stores on February 17.The psychology magazine mainly targets women between the ages of 28 and 59. It dealswith the topics partnership, career, leisure, friendship, and family from a psychologicalperspective. Bettina Wündrich, Editor-in-Chief, describes her idea of the target group:"EMOTION addresses women who, when they hear the word ´reflection,´ won´t immediatelythink of the mirror in their bathroom."