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Angelika Jahr-Stilcken Moves to G+J Supervisory Board

Hamburg, 04 November 2007
Angelika Jahr-Stilcken will be appointed to the Gruner + Jahr supervisory board effective April 1st, 2008. At the same time, she will resign from the executive board and withdraw from the company´s operations by laying down her publishing and editorial duties

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Gruner + Jahr Reports Revenue Surge for 2006

Hamburg, 22 March 2007
Gruner + Jahr´s growth was faster than that of any other German major publisher for the second consecutive year, forcefully underscoring its position as Europe´s biggest magazine publisher and Germany´s highestsales publishing house.

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Gruner + Jahr Posts Significant Rise in Revenue and Result for 2005

Hamburg, 26 March 2006
Gruner + Jahr, Europe´s biggest magazine publisherand the strongest-selling German publisher, lastingly enhanced its leadingmarket position in fiscal 2005. For the first time in four years, G+J increasedits revenues and achieved significant growth in profits, managing to pull offa turnaround in a difficult market environment.

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Innovation, Acquisition and Merger: Gruner + Jahr Lays Cornerstones for the Future in 2004

Hamburg, 17 March 2005
Gruner + Jahr, Europe´s largest magazinepublisher, once again delivered a gratifying performance in 2004, atthe same time forming the basis for lastingly increasing the company´svalue and for strong growth. As G+J CEO Dr. Bernd Kundrun said todayat the annual press briefing in Hamburg, the goal is to increaserevenues to roughly ;euro;3.5 billion by 2010, while raising operating ROSto over 10 percent. He is relying on "the triad of innovation,acquisition and merger" to achieve these targets. A vast number ofinnovations in the international magazine markets, the takeover of amajority stake (54.9 percent) in Motor-Presse Stuttgart, and theplanned gravure joint venture with arvato and Axel Springer already"form the cornerstones of G+J´s growth strategy for the years ahead,"Kundrun added. The acquisition and the gravure merger arepending antitrust approval.

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G+J Spain: Cooking Magazine YO COCINO Enhances The Spanish Magazine Portfolio

Hamburg, 12 May 2004
As part of its international strategy for expansion, Gruner + Jahr is testing a new title in the Spanish magazine market. YO COCINO ("I Cook") is published under the umbrella of successful women magazine MIA. Its content is modeled on existing G+J titles including BRIGITTE Cookie and ESSEN;TRINKEN FÜR jeden Tag. The pocket-sized YO COCINO will be published in a print run of 120,000 copies and will cost ;euro;1.50 at newsstands. If the test proves successful, the magazine will be published every two months

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Let´s Eat! Gruner + Jahr Launches ESSEN;TRINKEN – FÜR JEDEN TAG

Hamburg, 16 July 2003
The ESSEN;TRINKEN family will soon welcome a new member to its table: Next Tuesday marks the launch of ESSEN;TRINKEN – FÜR JEDEN TAG, a new Gruner + Jahr food magazine in the handy pocket format (12.8 x 19 cm, or roughly 5 x 8 inches). "Easy, fast, delicious," is the magazine´s claim; its concept is the brainchild of the experienced ESSEN;TRINKEN team. "We cater primarily to ´spontaneous cooks´," says editor-in-chief Martin Lagoda. "Thanks to its size, readers can easily take ESSEN;TRINKEN – FÜR JEDEN TAG to the supermarket with them and buy all they need then and there– we consciously avoided very exclusive ingredients." The preparation of the dishes is accordingly simple: maximum "time-to-meal" is 30 minutes.