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Appointments within the Discovery segment of the Prisma Presse group

Hamburg, 21 May 2003 –

As business manager, Sophie Sachnine contributed a great deal to the successful revivalof ;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse in 2002, thanks to which the number of sold copies of the title in Franceincreased by 9.5% compared to 2001. Ms. Sachnine graduated from EAP in 1988 and gaineda Masters in Communication from HEC Business School in 1989. She began her career at Nestlé;France before joining Prisma Presse at the end of 1993 and becoming director of advertising,first for GEO and ;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse, and later for Capital. Sophie Sachnine occupied the postof business manager of the women´s segment at Martine Grapas before she was offered thesame position with ;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse in April 2001.

Jean-Luc Marty is appointed as editorial director at GEO in addition to his duties aseditor-in-chief of GEO and GEO special

In view of the dynamic development of GEO (calendars, books, videos, special publications,GEO Ado), Jean-Luc Marty will manage the co-ordination of all sections and develop neweditorial initiatives for the GEO brand, reporting to Johannes Werle, publisher of theDiscovery segment. Jean-Luc Marty graduated with a degree in political studies and alsohas a qualification in private law. He began his career in Western France at the Té;lé;grammede Brest, where he created Wind Magazine in 1977. He subsequently worked for a radio agencywhich specialized in cinema before working as a freelance journalist for more than fifteenyears for Libé;ration, Vogue and many other magazines.He is also author of the novel "A Brief Encounter" which was published by Julliard´s in 2001.Jean-Luc Marty was appointed assistant editor in chief of GEO in November 1993 andeditor in chief in June 1994.

The Prisma Presse segment comprises of four top titles of the monthly press: GEO,;Ccedil;a m´inté;resse, National Geographic France and GEO Ado.

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