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Hamburg, 06 August 2003 –

The latest addition to the BRIGITTE brand is called BRIGITTE COOKIE. With 164 pages in total, the new pocket format magazine presents quick and easy recipes straight out of the BRIGITTE kitchen. G+J are planning to publish COOKIE four times a year from 2004. In six categories ("pasta", "soups ; salads", "mains", "fit and slim", "party!" and "So sweet") BRIGITTE COOKIE offers one recipe on every double page. Each magazine comprises 60 recipes in total. Thanks to a clear structure and many tips and tricks, the outstanding BRIGITTE quality recipes make you feel like cooking and enjoying the results straight away.

The magazine is particularly aimed at young women in flexible living conditions, who appreciate a good meal, are conscious of nutrition, but whose cooking abilities are not yet fully developed.

BRIGITTE's editor-in-chief, Andreas Lebert, said: "BRIGITTE COOKIE is a coach for young people who are discovering the joy of cooking - with quick and easy, exquisite tasting recipes, and lots of tricks and advice to turn them into a success".

300,000 copies of BRIGITTE COOKIE will be distributed on August 22, 2003, at a price of 2.50 Euro. Closing date for advertisements was July 15, 2003. A 1/1 page 4c costs 8000 Euro. The next edition is planned for November 2003. For further information on BRIGITTE COOKIE, please contact Corinna Albani in the advertisement department:
Tel.: +49-40-3703-2386
Fax +49-40-3703-5602

For further information:

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Head of Marketing and Communication
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