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Elke Rieck to leave Gruner + Jahr for personal reasons / G+J e|MS management duo Frank Vogel and Marko Kuck will continue cross-media marketing strategy

Hamburg, December 4, 2017 – Elke Rieck (56) is leaving Gruner + Jahr by mutual amicable agreement. After 12 years at the Hamburg-based publishing company, Ms. Rieck is now planning to pursue private interests outside the media industry. She will continue to perform all duties associated with her role as a member of the G+J e|MS management team until the end of the year and will also help to organize the handover. The two remaining members of the management team, Frank Vogel and Marko Kuck, will continue their successful work. The primary focus of G+J e|MS is on cross-media marketing of high-quality journalistic brands and the further development of strategic partnerships, such as the Ad Alliance.

Stephan Schäfer, chief product officer at Gruner + Jahr: “With the departure of Elke Rieck, we are losing a highly valued colleague and one of our top sales executives. She and her committed sales team have successfully helped G+J e|MS to become synonymous with a high level of cross-media sales expertise and reliability in the market and among clients and agencies. We very much regret her decision to leave and I would like to offer her my sincerest thanks. Our successful management trio will now become a duo, but apart from that nothing else will change. G+J e|MS remains the leading quality media marketer. Frank Vogel and Marko Kuck will continue to respond to the needs of the advertising market with innovative concepts, products and partnerships, and will further expand our high-quality print and digital portfolio.”

Elke Rieck: “I have had a fantastic and very successful time at Gruner + Jahr, with amazing people and important tasks that have demanded responsibility. My wish now is to devote more time to my private life, to discover new things and travel widely. I am deeply grateful to the G+J management team, Julia Jäkel, Stephan Schäfer and Oliver Radtke, to my esteemed management team colleagues Frank Vogel and Marko Kuck and, of course, to my teams at National Sales and G+J i|MS – we have achieved a great deal together. I am very proud to have done so.”

Marko Kuck, 41, has been the managing director of G+J Electronic Media Sales GmbH since 2008 and a member of the G+J e|MS management team since 2011. He will take over responsibility for the Agency Solutions & Business Strategy segment in the future. This also includes International Media Sales. The business graduate has worked at Gruner + Jahr since 2001.

Frank Vogel, 44, has been a member of the G+J e|MS management team since 2013 and has held the position of spokesman since 2015. The trained psychologist has worked at Gruner + Jahr since 2006. In the future, he will be the member of the management team responsible for the National Sales & Sales Solutions segment.

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