Press release

EMOTION: Gruner + Jahr Banks On The Power Of Feelings

Hamburg, 13 February 2006 –

A new title expands Gruner + Jahr´s offer: the newmonthly women´s magazine EMOTION will arrive at newsstands and stores on February 17.The psychology magazine mainly targets women between the ages of 28 and 59. It dealswith the topics partnership, career, leisure, friendship, and family from a psychologicalperspective. Bettina Wündrich, Editor-in-Chief, describes her idea of the target group:"EMOTION addresses women who, when they hear the word ´reflection,´ won´t immediatelythink of the mirror in their bathroom."

Volker Bried, Publishing Director, G+J Emotion Verlag GmbH, also believes that thereis a demand for the new magazine: "With EMOTION we´re opening an entirely new segmentin Germany: the magazine is an answer to the increasing need women have for informationabout the issues personality, partnership, and psychology. We´re hitting a nerve amongintelligent women." EMOTION has a print edition of 375,000 copies and costs ;euro;3.50.According to the Allensbacher Werbe-Analyse (AWA, the Allensbach opinion researchinstitute´s marketing analysis), the target group comprises more than three million women.

Although EMOTION is a women´s magazine, it does without the usual make-up tips and diets.This new orientation also clarifies one of the claims: "I feel that I am more than tummy,legs, and buttocks." Scholz ; Friends Berlin was commissioned for the advertisingcampaign. With a gross advertising volume of almost seven million euro during theintroductory phase, Gruner + Jahr is pursuing a cross-media approach. The main elementsare comprehensive print advertising in magazines, citylight posters in German cities,and radio and TV spots. Campaigns at newsstands and special advertising in socialscene locations round off the comprehensive package.

The cover story of the first 160-page issue of EMOTION is "Strength through feelings."In addition to reports and a psychological interview with a famous female personality,the magazine includes the categories "New experiences," "Living together,""Understanding myself," "Knowing more," "Feeling good," and "Conversing."

The magazine also has a strong online presentation: readers can have an exchange on thecommunication platform at <a" onfocus="this.blur()" target="_new" href="">, directly contact the editors, or ask expertsonline. Registered subscribers provide of even more functions. They can, for example,listen to five articles in the current issue of EMOTION and directlycontact a coaching team.