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Focus, Splendid research figures as a birthday present

Hamburg, 04 December 2002 –

Ten years ago G+J/Mondadori released the first issue of Focus as the Italian extention of the P.M.-family. Today Focus is Italy;#180;s best-selling monthly and thanks to over 5 million readers one of the most well-known brands. For its 10th birthday Focus presented the results of a readership survey of Astra/ Demoskopea. This survey shows that Focus is by far the most appropriate means among all media (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet) to reach opinion leaders.

Focus is considered the most successful launching in Italy throughout the last decade. In 2002 its sold circulation is over 775 000 copies. At the beginning 250 000 sold copies would have been considered already a big success, recalls Philippe Guesdon, Managing Director of G+J/Mondadori.

The results of the Astra/ Demoskopea survey are excellent: two thirds of Focus readers don;#180;t leave out one sentence of most of the articles and they will keep every sinlge copy. The coverage of Focus among opinion leaders is 54% above the average of all monthlies and 71% above the coverage among regular TV consumers. My institute has been carrying out research for 11 years, but we have never come across such results for no media, not even in its best times, comments Enrico Finzi who has led the survey.

Today, over 73% of the Italian population between 14 and 79 know the brand Focus. This is, of course, a good basis for Brand Extensions: Focus Extra was launched in 1999 as a monothematical special issue and sold almost 270 000 copies right away. From spring 2002 onwards it is released on a regular basis every three months. At the price of 3,90 Euro Focus Extra sells an average of 320 000 copies. The latest issue about the Ancient Rome had even to be reprinted.

Only recently Focus has extended its brand to prestigious Cd-roms that can be bought together with the magazine.

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Asked for the secret for success behind Focus, Philippe Guesdon says: First of all, Sandro Boeri as editor-in-chief and his team have been doing an excellent job. Right from the start we had a very clear concept with an extraordinary mixture of Italian creativity and German accuracy. Besides the classical topics of popular science Focus also covers curiosities from daily life and has thus captured the hearts of a vast Italian public. Focus discovers, explains and comes up with constantly new surprises in each edition.

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