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G+J Deutschland reorganising into communities of interest

- The publishing groups AGENDA and LIFE are being reorganised into an enterprise which runs the print and digital businesses in coordinated fashion via eight defined communities of interest
- Frank Stahmer and Soheil Dastyari are in charge of the Print and print-related businesses. Eva-Maria Bauch, Arne Wolter and Oliver von Wersch are in charge of the Digital business
- Implementation of new structure starts on 1 October 2013
- Product campaign launch in Print and Digital

Hamburg, 10 September 2013 – As part of the transformation of G+J from a magazine house into a ‘house of content' (see press release of 10 September 2013), as of today the company will be reorganising its publishing group structures into defined communities of interest. The former G+J Deutschland publishing groups G+J AGENDA and G+J LIFE will no longer exist. The G+J brands will be organised into eight defined communities of interest: FOOD, LIVING, FAMILY, WOMEN, PEOPLE & FASHION, NEWS, KNOWLEDGE, and BUSINESS/SPECIAL INTEREST. Each community of interest will be managed jointly by a Publisher from the Print business (magazines and special publications) and by a Digital Business Director from the Digital business (magazine websites, e-Mags, apps, e-commerce, etc.)

The Digital Business Director reports to a Digital Managing Director, either Eva-Maria Bauch, Arne Wolter or Oliver von Wersch. The Publishers will report to one of the two Publishing Managing Directors, Frank Stahmer or Soheil Dastyari.

Publishers are responsible for the Print business in their respective community. They survey the market and are experts on trends and business models, even beyond the Print business and established brands. Digital Business Directors are similarly responsible for growing the Digital business. Thus the Publisher and Digital Business Director will jointly decide on and manage new business models.

As part of reorganisation measures, the formerly decentralised areas of Production under Frank Stahmer and Marketing and Business Development under Soheil Dastyari are to be bundled, so as to accelerate activity there. Soheil Dastyari will remain Managing Director of Corporate Editors.

The Editors in Chief will continue to report to the Publishing Managing Directors. The G+J principle of overall Editor-in-Chief responsibility for the content of print and digital offerings remains in place.

Print and Digital product campaign

G+J is convinced that the radical paradigm shift over to content and the systematic focus on user interests and needs will bring about numerous product opportunities. The revamped structure will make G+J faster and much more efficient at implementing new Print and Digital products.

Gruner + Jahr will also be investing in print magazines and launching new titles. All magazines will have digital counterparts, and eventually be available as e-Mags. Existing websites will be further extended and enhanced.

Moreover, new digital formats like e-Mags and apps are being developed based on the communities of interest model to meet the demands of readers and users for specialised content. Having extensive, in-depth knowledge of our customers enables G+J to operate side businesses connected to content offerings. This includes commerce and paid services in selected communities of interest.

In the reorganisation, the formerly Munich-based editorial offices of NEON, NIDO, ELTERN, P.M., WUNDERWELT WISSEN and the corresponding publishing functions are to be bundled together in Hamburg by mid-2014. All affected Munich staff will receive a full job transfer offer for moving to the Hamburg location.

G+J Chief Product Officer, Stephan Schäfer: "Our transformation into a house of content is based firstly on firm confidence in the market for quality content going forward, secondly on the recognition that the Digital business will rapidly gain in importance and be crucial for G+J's future as an enterprise. And, thirdly, on the knowledge that our successful and highly profitable magazine business will continue on a prosperous path and that we will continue to invest here."

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