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G + J International continues launch of multinational online projects, sets up GEO sites in 12 countries

Hamburg, 11 January 2009 – GEO Online makes its debut in Spain

The reportage magazine GEO is now advancing its international expansion in the online realm as well, and has launched the multinational roll-out of GEO websites based on a shared technical platform. The first international GEO site will go online in Spain at, by 19 January 2009 at the latest – to be followed in the coming weeks by Russia, Italy, Finland and eight other countries within the first half of 2009.

As in print, the multinational roll-out of GEO;rsquo;s international websites will be based on a central concept that is then implemented in each of the countries. In terms of technology, the sites will share a content and community platform jointly developed and adapted by GEO International and G + J New Media Ventures in Hamburg. The content comes largely from and G + J Germany;rsquo;s IT department will handle the hosting.

The adaptation of content to local readers;rsquo; requirements is in the hands of small teams in the countries themselves, as is the provision of local content, brand management, traffic and community management, and advertising sales. Online as in print, transnational ad sales are handled centrally by GEO International in Hamburg.

Entertainment and information are the most prominent elements in the international sites. The GEO Webreportage, a multimedia feature originally developed by GEO France and consisting of film, text and slideshows, will serve as a central element of the sites, supplemented by reports, photo galleries and animation. In addition, right from the start, there will be a photo-community where interested users can create their own profiles, upload their own pictures and rate other users;rsquo; pictures. This tool can also be used across other media, such as for photo contests run by the magazine. The trend towards a more environmentally friendly way of life is reflected in a new section called ;ldquo;Green Living,;rdquo; which will further underscore GEO;rsquo;s environmental expertise in the international editions both in print and online.

Dr. Torsten-Jörn Klein, a member of the G + J Executive Board and President of G + J International, said: "We want to further internationalize our strong brands in 2009, both in print and online. After the launch of the Parenting Network last fall, the international GEO sites are another important milestone. I am very pleased with the close and successful cooperation between our international GEO teams and the G + J Germany staff."


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