Press release

G+J International launches GEO iPad application

Hamburg, 06 July 2010 –

The reportage magazine GEO is launching a GEO iPad selection based on its English-language edition – a monthly selection of three reports from the current international print magazine in a multimedia format for the Apple iPad. The first issue will appear in early July and is priced at 2.49 EUR in the AppStore.

The application was developed by G+J International Brands and Licenses in cooperation with the software vendor Mobilinga GmbH of Bremen. Some special features that the iPad offers compared to a print magazine were taken into account: for instance, the GEO reports can be read in the layout style of the traditional magazine, as well as in picture or text mode. They also each contain further information via web links added by the editorial team, which the readers themselves can add to or customize. In addition, readers can also post comments and notes on each page.

The features magazine GEO is Gruner + Jahr's most international magazine brand: besides Germany, Austria and Switzerland, local editions are currently published in Brazil, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.

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