Press release

G+J International: Portfolio Adjustments After Reviews

Hamburg, 27 August 2006 –

Gruner + Jahr´s International Magazines Division has launched more than 30 magazines since January 2004. Now, following a cyclical review of publications, several titles will be taken off the market again. The magazines in question are GEOFOCUS in Russia, FENIKS in Poland, GALA in Spain, SOK and METRO in Greece, and three titles in the Adriatic region. The titles will be discontinued following the first day on sale of the next issue in each case.

Dr. Torsten-Jörn Klein, Executive Director of the G+J International Magazines Division, said: "Gruner + Jahr has launched more international magazines since the beginning of 2004 than ever before during such a short period. Unfortunately, not all of our new launches lived up to the expectations. As a result, we have decided to discontinue these titles, a fact that I greatly regret, especially in the case of GALA Spain. In publishing, courage doesn´t just mean launching new magazines, but also discontinuing them again should they fail to succeed in the marketplace. We will continue to invest in new projects and advance our growth."

Alexander Adler
Director, Media Relations
Fon:+49 40 3703-3810