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G+J Launches Upscale Men's Monthly in China: LEON

Hamburg, 01 April 2009 – G+J Launches Upscale Men's Monthly in China: LEON

G+J International continues its expansionist course in China by launching a men's monthly magazine called LEON. Designed as an upscale publication, LEON caters to the demographic of well-heeled men aged between 30 and 45 who are interested in wearable fashions and a high-end lifestyle. Its cover price is accordingly high, at the equivalent of around 2.20 euros.

LEON is published by BODA, the joint venture between G+J and its Chinese partner CLIP. This brings the number of titles published by G+J holdings in China to ten magazines.
Dr. Torsten-Jörn Klein, G+J Board member and President of G+J International, said: "LEON complements our existing China portfolio perfectly, as the title is positioned in an emerging, growing segment with new options for ad sales marketing. The launch also sends a clear signal to the Chinese magazine market: We intend to continue investing and growing in China even in a market environment that is currently becoming more difficult."

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