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G+J Photo Award: Nominees are in

Hamburg, 08 April 2008 – Nominees are in / Overwhelming response brings 602 entries / Exhibition of nominated works at the G+J Pressehaus

In January 2008, Gruner + Jahr invited aspiring professional photographs ages 35 and under to submit their work for the first-ever G+J photo award. Now, the nominees for Gruner + Jahr's new photo competition are in. From the overwhelming pool of 602 works submitted, a top-notch panel of judges has picked 34 works in ten categories as nominees for the final round of the G+J photo award.

Given the pivotal importance of photography for its magazines, Gruner + Jahr has actively promoted the photography community for many years. In 2008, G+J first joined partners at editorial offices and agencies in sponsoring an award for aspiring professionals in the fields of journalistic and advertising photography. Each partner sponsors a specific category.

Dr. Bernd Buchholz, a member of the G+J executive board and President of G+J Germany, said: "The overwhelming response has immediately established the G+J photo award in the photography community. The response shows that despite the numerous awards already available for photography, there is great demand for an award for aspiring photographers. We didn't expect such a high number of entries. The excellent quality of the top entries is especially gratifying. All this spurs us to continue on this particular path of sponsorship."

The judges will announce the winners on Apr 17, and the awards will be presented on Apr 20. The exhibition of nominated works will be on view at the G+J Pressehaus as part of the Hamburg Photography Triennial from Apr 19 - 27.

Note for editors:
There will be a press preview of the nominated works on Friday, April 18, 2008, from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. at the G+J Pressehaus in Hamburg.
Several judges and nominees will be in attendance to answer your questions.
Please send your accreditation requests for the preview and the awards presentation to Christina Leitow, G+J Corporate Communications.

Further information, along with the nominated works, may be viewed at <a" onfocus="this.blur()" target="_new" href="">

Alexander Adler
Director Media Relations
Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Phone: +49 (0) 40 / 3703 2244


Category: Feature
Topic: "Crossing Borders"
- Marc Brinkmeier with "Pictures Lest We Forget"
- Jana Striewe with "Juvenile Inmates"
- Mila Pavan with "Hospital in Chernobyl"
- Julia Kneuse with "Lignite – Relocation in Germany"
- Verena Brandt with "German Men & Women from Thailand"
Category: Audiovisual
Topic: "Family – What does the term mean for you personally?"
- Thomas Neugebauer
- Achim Hehn
- Nicole Strasser

Category: Staged Photography
Topic: "In the Office"
- Verena Brandt
- Damaris Odenbach

Category: Single News Photo
Topic: "News Image from All Fields"
- Piero Chiussi
- Holger Talinski
- Vera Hofmann

Category: Portrait
Topic: "Love"
- Ute Friederike Schernau
- Nico Schmitz / Anne Müchler
- Annette Schreyer
- Katja Sonnewend

Category: Food
Topic: "Breakfast in Bed"
- Selina Pfrüner
- Nassim Astrid Azarmsa
- Andreas Keudel

Picture Press
Category: Advertising / People
Topic: "Portrait, Emotions Suitable for Ad or Magazine"
- Marianne Moosherr
- Christoph Kniel / Niko Synnatzschke
- Reno Ranger
- Johannes Mink

Category: Advertising/Beauty
Topic: "What Makes People Beautiful? What is Beautiful about People?"
- Alexander Straulino
- Julia Kneuse
- Valeria Mitelman

Category: Advertising/Fashion
Topic: "Summer Games"
- André; Hemstedt / Tine Reimer / Katharina Schröder
- Lena Jürgensen
- Reno Ranger
- Anna-Maria Rippl

Category: Advertising/Architecture
Topic: "State-of-the-Art Buildings, Past and Present"
- Steffen Schrägle
- Joel Micah Miller
- Michael Moser

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC was unable to propose any nominations for
Category: "Single Photograph Environment"
Topic: "Environmental Consciousness in the Daily Life of a Family" The works submitted missed the point of the topic or failed to meet the quality standards.

Sponsors of the G+J photo awards:
Triennale der Photographie Hamburg (Hamburg Photography Triennial), Freundeskreis der Photographie (Friends of Photography), FreeLens, BFF, hormann.kormann, CKS, Merkur Druck, MWW Medienproduktion & Print

Judging panel:
- Guido Schmidtke, Picture Editor, STERN
- Dirk Claus, Picture Editor,
- Jakob Feigl, Chief Picture Editor, NEON
- Kathrin Kosaca, Art Director, VIEW
- Sonja Streit, Chief Picture Editor, BRIGITTE
- Christina Niemann, Head of Food, LIVING AT HOME
- Gunnar Zink, Head of Editing/Production, Picture Press
- Kathrin Müller, Picture Editor, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Germany
- Esther Haase, Photographer
- Henriette Väth-Hinz, CEO, Triennale der Photographie Hamburg GmbH
- Lutz Fischmann, CEO, FreeLens
- Denis Brudna, Publisher, photonews
- Michael Jacob, World Wide Creative Director, Draftfcb
- Katja Werner, Artbuyer, Economia
- Franziska Boyens, Head of Artbuying, KNSK

FreeLens Magazine will honor the winners and present their works in a special publication.

The winners will receive a professional paid job commission, sponsored by the partner of the respective category.

Johannes Mink "Fußballjungs"