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G+J Polska: Polish women love GLAMOUR

Hamburg, 13 July 2003 –

Gruner + Jahr has successfully launched the women's magazine GLAMOUR in Poland. On average, the first three editions (April – June, 2003) of the monthly title found more than 330,000 female buyers. In comparison with the average sales in 2002 within the segment of high quality women's titles, GLAMOUR was not only ahead of internationally renowned titles, such as "Elle" (94.896) and "Cosmopolitan" (121.331), but it also beat local magazine "Tw;oacute;j Styl" (295.507) from the very beginning. It thus leads the market within the segment of glossy women's magazines. This success is also rewarded by the advertising customers. With 171 advert pages for the first three editions, GLAMOUR is already in second position behind "Tw;oacute;j Styl" within its segment according to Polish advertising statistics.With the successful launch of GLAMOUR, published by G+J Polska under license of Condé; Nast, Gruner + Jahr managed to strengthen their top position within the complete segment of women's magazines in Poland. Regarding the overview of sales and gross proceeds adverts, both weekly titles NAJ and GALA, as well as the monthly titles CLAUDIA and GLAMOUR, account for 35 percent of the sold women's magazines in Poland. Oliver Voigt, CEO G+J Polska: "With 39 million inhabitants, Poland is the largest and most attractive Eastern European readers' market. Following GALA and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, with GLAMOUR we have successfully placed another large international quality title on the market. We will consequently expand its market leader position among the women's magazines."


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