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G+J Spain: MUY INTERESANTE JUNIOR launches as seventh international G+J-title for children and teens

Hamburg, 19 September 2004 –

amburg, September 20, 2004
Gruner + Jahr launches with MUY INTERESANTE JUNIOR in Spain the worldwide seventh popular-science title for children and teens. To introduce the title, MUY JUNIOR will first be enclosed as a supplement to Spain’s leading monthly MUY INTERESANTE and the G+J titles GEO and MIA. The second issue will be available as a separate publication at a cover price of ;euro;1.50. G+J pegs the target price at ;euro;2.75.

MUY JUNIOR thus joins GEOLINO and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD (both D), GEOADO (FR), FOCUS JUNIOR (IT), NG KIDS (PL) and NG JUNIOR (NL) as the youngest member in Gruner + Jahr’s family of children’s popular-science monthlies.

MUY JUNIOR is the third Spanish magazine launch in 2004. In all, G+J Spain publishes ten magazines.

Under the supervision of its editor-in-chief José; Pardina, MUY JUNIOR intends not only to introduce its young readers to the wonders of science and technology, but also to furnish explanations for everyday phenomena.

The cover of the premier issue of MUY INTERESANTE JUNIOR is available for download at: <a" onfocus="this.blur() target=_new href=>

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