Press release

GALA continues Internationalization, begins in Kuwait

Hamburg, 06 May 2010 –

GALA makes its debut in Kuwait with the June issue and therewith continues its internationalization. After launches in Syria and Lebanon last year, this is the third edition of the international celebrity and lifestyle magazine published under license in the rapidly growing Middle East region. This means that there are now editions of GALA in Germany, France, Poland, Russia (GALA Biografia), Croatia, Lithuania, Syria, Lebanon and Kuwait.

G+J International;rsquo;s partner in the Kuwaiti venture is the United Group, one of the region;rsquo;s biggest publishers. In addition to license editions of ;ldquo;Marie Claire,;rdquo; GALA Syria and GALA Lebanon, it also publishes its own high-end titles. GALA Kuwait is available monthly to newsstands at a cover price equivalent to about 3.40 USD.

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