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GEO Continues Its International Expansion Course Online

Hamburg, 30 March 2009 – Launch of GEO sites in Finland, Russia and five other Eastern European countries based on a single technology platform

The reportage magazine GEO continues its international expansion course online. After successfully launching in Spain at in January, it is now launching GEO websites on the same basis in Finland, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. This means that eight of the 12 planned sites are already online within the first three months of the year.

As with the print edition, GEO also relies on a central concept for its online offerings. The technical platform and design was developed in Hamburg and the content comes largely from German colleagues, as well as the print edition. Editorial responsibility lies with the local GEO editors in the various countries, who can also use their own content alongside the German GEO content in order to achieve the best possible fit with the country's cultural particularities.

The sites focus on attractive designs, opulent images, and information. In addition, some websites already have their own online photo community where interested users create their own profiles, upload their own photos or images and rate those of other users. This feature will go live on the other sites over the next few months. The environmental trend is accommodated in most countries by a new section called "Green Living," which will further underline the environmental expertise in the international GEO editions, both in print and online.

"We are pleased to be working with our colleagues from the individual countries to further internationalize the GEO brand both online and offline. Ours is an exceptional media brand which holds great potential online as well," says André; Möllersmann, Director of GEO International.

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