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GEOLenok - The innovative children;lsquo;s magazine from Gruner + Jahr in Russia

Hamburg, 07 April 2003 –

Gruner + Jahr, Europe;lsquo;s biggest magazine publisher,has announced its new children;lsquo;s magazine GEOLenok. Gruner + Jahr has beensuccessfully publishing children;lsquo;s GEOLino in Germany since 1996 andGEOAdo in France since 2002. GEOLenok is the logical extension of the world-renownedGEO editorial product and a unique magazine in the Russian press market.

GEOLenok is a balance between youthful enthusiasm and a budding broadeningof young horizons. The way that GEOLenok presents information - a mixture ofeducation and entertainment, or "edutainment" - helps children learn withoutthe magazine becoming "textbook-ish." The magazine;lsquo;s motto: learning by having fun.GEOLenok puts its readers into the world of laws and mysteries of environment,nature, history, science and technology, and humans. Games, puzzles, comics andbrain-teasers complement the more "serious" articles.The GEOLenok layout has been specially tailored to meet the interests and tastesof children, while topics are presented in the famous GEO text and photo quality.

GEOLenok readership are children and teenagers aged 6 to 16, with the core of 8-12,with an active purchasing behaviour, as well as their parents who have already proventheir big interest in GEOLenok as a magazine for family co-reading.By using the wide distribution chain of GEO, GEOLenok is well presented in sales pointsfrom its first steps in the market that covers 7 Russian regions and CIS countries.

A number of GEO advertisers have already booked their advertising placement in GEOLenok,among them are - Nestle, Lego, Camelot, etc.

GEOLenok first issue is to appear in late April - early May 2003 to followmonthly from September 2003.

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Gruner + Jahr in Russia