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German Premiere of the WORLD PRESS PHOTO Award 2006 at Gruner + Jahr´s Pressehaus am Baumwall

Hamburg, 25 April 2006 – World´s 190 Best Press Photos on Exhibit beginning Apr 27, 2006

For the past 50 years, an international panel ofjudges at the WORLD PRESS PHOTO Foundation has selected the best and moststirring photos of a given year. This year´s WORLD PRESS PHOTO exhibitionagain shows moving, haunting images that chronicle the events of the past year.The WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2006 exhibition includes stirring and unsettling picturesof the Iraq War, the Kashmir Earthquake and Hurricane "Katrina" along theU.S. Gulf Coast. It also features equally fascinating photographs from therealms of sports, culture, nature and science.

This time around, the "WORLD PRESS PHOTO OF THE YEAR" is a colour photographby Finbarr O´Reilly, a Canadian photojournalist. The picture shows the faceof a Nigerian woman. Her mouth is covered by the emaciated fingers of herone-year-old child. O´Reilly took the moving picture in August 2005 innorth-western Nigeria, West Africa. The Hungarian photographer Tam;aacute;s Dezsöwon second prize in the "Daily Life Stories" category for his Geo featureon Romania. Jan Grarup from Denmark took second prize in the "People in theNews Stories" category for his photo feature entitled "Kashmir EarthquakeAftermath," which was published in stern 49/2005. In all, World Press awardswere given out in ten categories, to 63 photographers from 25 countries.

The annual WORLD PRESS PHOTO Award is the world´s biggest and most highlyacclaimed press photography contest. This year, the best press photos of 2005were selected from among 83,044 photographs submitted by 4,448 photographersfrom 122 countries.

G+J CEO Dr. Bernd Kundrun said: "Quality journalism and quality photographyare closely connected. Gruner + Jahr stands for both, especially our magazinesSTERN and GEO, which give equal weight to the power of the word and of pictures.I am delighted that we have the privilege of celebrating the German premiereof the WPP here at our Pressehaus am Baumwall building for the twelfth time.The WPP demonstrates the high standard that photojournalism has reached inthe world at this point and impressively shows the power of images in our time."

Tom Jacobi, chief editor of VIEW magazine and Art Director of STERN, added:"Jan Grarup from Denmark won second prize in "People in the News Stories"for the "Kashmir Earthquake Aftermath" feature published in STERN – photosthat go deep under the skin, showing the situation following the disastrousearthquake in Pakistan. Jan Grarup is one of those phenomenal photographerswho make the world a more compassionate place. His special approach to imagesshows us events that are hard to comprehend, while always remaining very humanand maintaining a sense of dignity."

GEO editor-in-chief Peter Matthias Gaede commented: "For GEO, the WORLD PRESSPHOTO Award is the most important photography award there is. Not so much becauseof the sheer volume of submissions, but because it is about photojournalism,about feature photography. About work like that done by the French photographerOlivier Jobard, who spent months documenting the flight of a young man fromCameroon all the way to France. GEO published his work, which won a first prizein this year´s WORLD PRESS PHOTO Award, last December, and it is remarkablein every respect, from the photographer´s commitment to the result."

Gruner + Jahr joins STERN and GEO in presenting the Germany premiere of theWORLD PRESS PHOTO exhibition at the G+J-Pressehaus am Baumwall for the twelfthtime. Deutsche Bahn has been a partner to the project since 2004. From July 2006,the partners will be hosting the WORLD PRESS PHOTO exhibition in five select ECEshopping centres all over Germany. WORLD PRESS PHOTO is backed by theNetherlands´ Postkoden Loterie and sponsored by Canon and TNT worldwide.

The award-winning WORLD PRESS PHOTO pictures will be on display at theG+J-Pressehaus am Baumwall in Hamburg from Apr 27 to May 21, 2006.
Opening hours: Mo - So 10:00 - 18:00h, Mi 10:00 - 20:00h.
Admission is free.


Kurt Otto
Head of Market Communications stern/GEO/art
Phone: +49-40-3703-3810

World Press Photo of the Year 2005
Finbarr O´Reilly, Canada, Reuters
(Mother and child at emergency feeding center, Tahoua, Niger, 1 August 2005)3rd Prize Spot News Stories
Michael Appleton, USA, New York Daily News
(Hurricane Katrina aftermath, New Orleans, 30 August - 5 September 2005)1st Prize Contemporary Issues Stories
Olivier Jobard, France, Sipa Press for Paris Match
(Journey of an immigrant)1st Prize Sports Action Stories
Donald Miralle, Jr., USA, Getty Images
(Aaron Peirsol during the Santa Clara Grand Prix)