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Gruner + Jahr: 2015 Was a Successful Year for the Future

Strong digital growth continues /Stable operating business without the portfolio effects/Sales revenues on par with previous year

Hamburg, 23 March 2016 - The 2015 financial year at Gruner + Jahr was one of creativity and innovation, dominated by strong investment in new print and digital businesses. In Germany alone, Gruner + Jahr launched eight new magazines and managed one of the most successful product launches in recent years with "Barbara."

Gruner + Jahr's digital business grew strongly again – by 19 percent in the core markets of Germany and France – and now contributes 20 percent of total revenues in these two markets (2014: 17 percent). Besides the acquisitions of Danato, Delinero, Employour and Recatch in France, this was due in great part to rapidly growing advertising revenues on the branded sites, which each occupy top positions in their respective markets. Prisma Media consolidated its position as the leading cross-media publisher in France.

Gruner + Jahr generated total revenue of €1.538 billion in fiscal 2015 (2014: €1.747 billion).

Operating EBITDA was €128 million (2014: €166 million), giving the Hamburg publishing company a return on sales of 8.3 percent (2014: 9.5 percent).

The decline in revenues is almost entirely due to portfolio effects, in particular the sale of Brown Printing in the the U.S., and by weak development in China. Transformation costs also affected the result.

Excluding portfolio effects, the operational business remained stable. Circulation revenues were at last year's levels. As the largest ad sales marketer among German publishers, Gruner + Jahr suffered market-related declines in print ad revenue, but this was offset – and in France even overcompensated for – by strong digital growth.

The digital marketing sector once again showed particularly strong growth in 2015. With Ligatus, veeseo and trnd, Gruner + Jahr occupies leading positions across Europe in the rapidly expanding fields of native and performance marketing, content recommendation, and word-of-mouth marketing. Prisma Media's video marketer Advideum also grew remarkably and consolidated its leading position in France.

In 2015, Gruner + Jahr showed itself to be a fit and healthy company in the midst of a fundamental transformation process.

CEO Julia Jäkel: "Alert, imaginative, bold: This is how Gruner + Jahr presented itself in 2015. The transformation of our publishing company continues to evolve markedly, though we know we are only part of the way there. We made progress in all of our growth fields – contemporary publishing, high-reach brand sites, expansion of the community and commerce businesses, digital marketing, and content communication. A new Gruner + Jahr, with journalism still at its heart, is becoming increasingly visible. 2015 was a very good year for our future."

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