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Gruner + Jahr Deutschland pools the digital activities of its brands

Hamburg, 22 August 2012 – - New unit Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH to be established
- Aim: To develop innovative digital media formats for G+J brands
- Eight-figure investment volume over the medium term

amburg, 22 August 2012 On 1 September 2012, Gruner + Jahr will found Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH. This new unit will focus on the development of digital media formats and innovative website and mobile features across all Gruner + Jahr brands in cooperation with the G+J publishing groups. Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH will also be responsible for developing web technology and digital business models for the websites of Gruner + Jahr brands.
Dr. Felix Menden will manage Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH together with Axel Wüstmann, who will also continue in his role as head of G+J Operations and member of the Gruner + Jahr Deutschland publishing house management board. Felix Menden switched to the role of head of the G+J Digital Center in 2011 from XING AG and has been responsible for a range of projects concerning Gruner + Jahr's digital activities with the aim of standardising web technology and applying business development and digital strategies for G+J websites across all group brands. In his new role, he will be reporting to Axel Wüstmann.
Felix Menden on Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH: "With modern technology, standardised processes and close cooperation between areas, we provide a basis for the development of exciting formats and innovative business models for online editorial offices and publishing groups of the Gruner + Jahr group.;rdquo; "The aim of Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH is to make the valuable content of G+J editorial offices available to digital users in formats which are fun, which match the respective user situation and which are accessible on any digital device. This means information, inspiration and dialogue for users and additional reach and sales revenue for brands.;rdquo;Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH will be divided into Project Management ; Business Development, Technology, Technical Product Management and Digital Brand Management. Digital Brand Management AGENDA, Digital Brand Management LIFE and Digital Brand Management Wirtschaftsmedien will represent the interfaces between Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH and the respective publishing house management teams, online editorial offices and sales, assuming responsibility for brand-specific projects and the development of the websites. Technical Product Management, Technology and Project Management ; Business Development will work on the technical implementation of these projects, standardised web technology and business models.
In the upcoming development phase, Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH will be strengthening the personnel structure accordingly. Gruner + Jahr has approved an eight-digit investment volume for the new unit over the medium term. Axel Wüstmann: "Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH is a part of Gruner + Jahr's growth strategy in the digital sector. With innovative digital formats, new business models and state-of-the-art digital publishing, we will drive forward the digital transformation of our content business in close cooperation with the ;lsquo;Digital Lab' in the ;lsquo;House of Content'. We will strengthen our focus on technology without compromising on our brand perspective and journalistic orientation. After all, journalism and our brands are our true assets, even in the digital world. In Gruner + Jahr Digital GmbH, the management at Gruner + Jahr have found an appropriate structure to expand and give new impetus to the digital activities of the unique Gruner + Jahr brand portfolio.;rdquo;
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