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Gruner + Jahr is launching WOMAN

Hamburg, 20 October 2002 –

WOMAN, the new lifestyle magazine by Europe;#180;s largest magazine publisher, the print and publishing house Gruner + Jahr, will be available in the shops from October 22. In line with its motto more variety - topicality - service, the fortnightly magazine WOMAN offers a content mixture which is unique on the German magazine market.

In thirteen sections, WOMAN provides compact, informative and useful coverage of a modern woman’s broad range of interests. The magazine’s innovative concept is supported by a clearly structured and reader-friendly layout. WOMAN is aimed at active women looking for accessible topical and comprehensive information and entertainment. The magazine is being launched with an initial circulation of 650,000 copies. The editor of WOMAN is Karsten Flohr, 52. WOMAN is published by G+J WOMAN Verlag GmbH, whose managers are Dr. Volker Breid, 40, and Jörg Plathner, 37. The launch of the new title is being supported by a gross media budget of about 10 million Euro.

WOMAN is the first fortnightly women’s magazine in Germany available at news-stands on Tuesdays. Well-timed production and printing deadlines contribute to a high level of topicality. The introductory price is 1 Euro. Even before the launch, more than 5000 test subscriptions had been sold. 58 pages of advertising have been acquired for the first issue, which has a total of 198 pages. The guaranteed circulation for the year 2002 is 250,000 copies. A total of 432 television commercials (shown on the German channels ARD, ZDF, RTL, Sat 1, Pro 7, RTL 2, VOX, Kabel 1, SRTL), plus a large advertising campaign covering magazines, billboards, the Internet, and radio airings make the WOMAN launch one of the biggest marketing campaigns for a new magazine in Germany in the last few years.

Karsten Flohr used to be editor of TV TODAY and was formerly deputy editor for BRIGITTE. Seven months ago, he started designing WOMAN’s concept for the German market together with his team, which has now increased to almost fifty people. It was modelled on the Austrian WOMAN magazine, which was very successfully launched in Austria in November 2001. The number of copies sold there is currently 206,233 (ÖAK 2/02). G+J is the majority shareholder in News-Verlag, the developers of the basic concept and publishers of WOMAN in Austria.

Rolf Wickmann, member of the Gruner + Jahr board says:WOMAN offers topicality, variety and usefulness – all in a very people-oriented way. Hence, the introduction of WOMAN is going to set innovative trends within the women’s magazine segment in Germany. By launching WOMAN, we are doing exactly what we advise our ad sales customers to do – invest against the current when economic trends mean that times are difficult. We are doing this in order to make use of the low resistance within the market and gain market shares. With the introduction of WOMAN, we are seeking to expand Gruner + Jahr’s market position in the segment of women’s magazines. I wish to thank Karsten Flohr and the WOMAN team for their great commitment and the enormous amount of energy they have invested in the successful launch of WOMAN over the past weeks and months.

Kurt Otto
Press Spokesman
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