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Gruner + Jahr launches kid's magazine GEOlino in China

Hamburg, 28 October 2010 – Gruner + Jahr launches kid's magazine GEOlino in China

Gruner + Jahr will launch its kid's magazine GEOlino in cooperation with Children's Fun Publishing in January 2011 in China. Before that GEOlino China will be published as of now twice as a trial version in our partners' kids magazines, before it starts as self-standing publication in January 2011.

GEOlino is the general interest magazine for boys and girls between the ages of eight and fourteen. The magazine relies on a balance between knowledge and fun: it takes children seriously, without being a textbook. Topics covered in GEOlino include: People, inventions, culture, reportage about children all over the world, nature and wildlife, history and technology.

The preparation of drafting and page layout with the large variety of topics and unique stories make GEOlino appealing in the market of children's magazines. The magazine is currently published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as internationally in Turkey, Denmark, France and Russia.

Children's Fun Publishing, founded in 1994, is the leading publisher of children's magazines and books in China. It is a joint venture between the Scandinavian publishing group Egmont and the Chinese group China Post and Telecom Press. Children's Fun Publishing currently produces 11 children magazine titles including the Chinese version of Mickey Mouse in license with Disney, so the house has very good access to the potential target group of GEOlino.

"We are pleased that we have found Children's Fun Publishing as a well-fitting partner for GEOlino in China and are very excited to offer Chinese children also the opportunity to read GEOlino. Our great thanks go out to both the team of our publishing partners as well as the GEOlino editorial team in Germany under the leadership of editor in chief, Martin Verg who has supported the project with great enthusiasm", said André; Möllersmann, Head of International Brands and Licenses for G+J.

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