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Gruner + Jahr launches QUEST magazine in South Africa

Hamburg, 28 August 2011 –

This week, Gruner + Jahr is due to launch an English-language edition of Dutch magazine QUEST in South Africa. The publishing partner in the country is Panorama Publications, which produces a total of 17 magazines in the areas of consumer and corporate publishing.
The launch of the South African edition means that the international popular science family of Gruner + Jahr will now be published in a total of 14 countries across the globe. The family includes the established brands QUEST, P.M., MUY INTERESANTE, FOCUS and CA M'INTERESSE, and most titles hold market-leading positions in their segments.
;nbsp; Launched in the Netherlands in 2004 by Gruner + Jahr Uitgevers, QUEST enjoyed an extremely successful start and has repeatedly been awarded "Magazine of the Year" from the Dutch association of publishers. With sales of 200,000 copies per issue, QUEST is the biggest-selling monthly title in the Netherlands today.
The South African edition of QUEST will be published in English under the name of QUEST BRAINTAINMENT at an initial price per copy of EUR 2.50, rising to EUR 3.00 as regular price. It will initially be published bimonthly. An extensive print, TV and radio campaign and numerous promotional measures will accompany the launch.
Urs Honegger, Managing Director at Panorama Publications, comments: "We're pleased to be partnering Gruner + Jahr to launch the innovative QUEST concept in South Africa, and we are certain that this will enable us to move into a highly exciting and growing segment."
André; Möllersmann, Head of International Brands and Licenses at Gruner + Jahr, said: "We're delighted to be working with our partner Panorama Publications to bring QUEST magazine, which was developed by G+J Uitgevers and enjoys an excellent position in the market, to South Africa. We are confident of being able to tap into even more national markets with this magazine concept in the future."
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